A LIVING SACRIFICE AS OUR REASONABLE SERVICE is the topic we will handling this week. Our text is taken from Romans12:1, we going to browse only this verse, study ever words in this verse and i pray that God will bless us through His word. I beseech u, or i plead or beg of u therefore, why therefore? Because this condition for us or compulsory to do as a xtian, by mercies of God,. Scripture said mercies not mercy that is things to be thankful for. Lamentation3:22, said if not God's mercies we should be consumed by our enemies.Acts13:34. By his mercies for gift of life, health, provision etc.
Rom12:1, we're considering the word 'PRESENT' or offer, release & submit. Jam4:7, submit to God then u can resist d devil.
It is when wire is plugged to socket that wire became threat to human life. It can kill, it when we submitted to God that we can resists the devil and the devil will flee from us. Disciples displaced it, so u and i've the the same power to the same. Matt18:18, WHATEVER WE BIND ON EARTH WILL BIND IN HEAVEN.Rom12:1, 'YOUR BODIES A LIVING SACRIFICE' (BODIES that' is plural .” BODIES” 1Thess5:23, SPIRIT,SOUL&BODIES. We possessed these.
Our spirit, soul & bodies are what made us to be complete.
SPIRIT.Gen2:7, God breathed in a a breath of life and man became a living soul. Your spirit is like a reflecting mirror that reflects any image being evil when you are a sinner and good when you are a true believer. Holy spirit only relates with our spirit. Rom8:16. The enemies can only attack your spirit in order to deal with you physically, your spirit is what transformed when you gave your life to Christ, you need to grow more in spirit through God's word, faasting & prayer for you to be able to overcome the fresh and behave as a true believer in Christ.
Soul is our reasoning and thinking faculty.
Body is our physical body. Most times we look good outwardly that will rotten in grave and starving our soul with God's word and our total obedient to God's word.
Another words to examine critically are “HOLY” and “ACCEPTABLE”. We must be holy because our God is a Holy God. God commanded us to be holy. 1Peter1:15-16. Your total obedient to God’s word will make you acceptable before God. So half obedience is not accepted to God. Isaiah 1:19.
This is our only reasonable service to God.
The answer to this question can be found in the letters that made up the word “PRESENT”
P – Purge. We need to allow God’s word to clean us. Ephesisns 5:26 -27.
R- Reference God because our God is Omni-Present, Omni Science, Omni Potent God. Hebrews 11:6.
E- Elevate God through praise and worship. Psalms 100.
S – Spirit, our spirit must link up to the Holy Spirit. Romans8:14-16.
E – Empowerment, we must be empower in God’s presence. Acts 10:38.
N – Nullify every works of satan. Matthew18:18
T –Teaching by the Holy Spirit through God’s word and we must learn and practicalize that we learnt. Romans12:2, 2Timothy2:15, Philippians4:8.