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Forgive me but, what does your response have to do with the issue of the thousand years beginning when Christ was crucified vs. the thousand years still being a future event?

If by saying "A lion wounded grievously, and has no power to cause the Children of the Light to fear" is in reference to Satan's binding, it will be a literal binding underneath the earth in the Abyss, so that neither he nor his angels will have access to the surface of the earth. As far as the children of the light, i.e. believers in Christ, we will rule with him during that thousand years in our immortal and glorified bodies.

I am assuming that the above is in reference to one of the characteristics of the thousand year period regarding a young child sticking his hand into a vipers nest and not being harmed at all.

My original point in all of this is that the thousand year reign of Christ has not yet begun and will not until after God's wrath has been poured out upon the earth via the seals, trumpets and bowl judgments, where at their completion the Lord will return to the earth to end the age and establish his millennial kingdom.
The binding is a generational process.
In Christ believers, every generation satan falls further, victory was won.
As for the others that are given over to the delusion and recieve the mark. No need to explain.
their two sons take bribes like a beast of the sea, and beast of earth.

Just look at what the prophets were warned of and you will have an example.

Eli, Samuel, and so on.
The gain saying of Korah.