Love That Is In Christ Our Lord,

Scripture says if God is for us who can be against us.
When we are able to be the evidence of God in this
world through Jesus Christ, we have nothing to fear.
The words says no demons nor height nor depth can
take us away from His love. Once we are able to
surrender our will to that of God's will, we can withstand
any type of bombardment, even that of the evil one so
we will be able to be in constant harmony with God. He
will never give up on us, He is with us night and day so
with God, the shop is never closed for business. Our
faith will pull us through anything but we need to have
trust in Him always. Doubts pull us down while trust
raises us up. The Lord brings us into such beautiful
places in our lives and all we need to do is grasp them.
Even in our darkest moments God will shine His light.
There is always victory in the Lord but we need to say
yes even as often as daily.