He Will Not Let Your Foot Slip,

The Lord will keep us from all harm. The entire Psalm
is about God watching over us to help us from stumbling
and even if we do, He catches us. He is calling upon us
to trust in Him and to always keep the faith. If we do not
commit ourselves to Him heart and soul, our Journey will
forever be riddled with ups and downs. The stronger our
faith the deeper within us it becomes solidly within us. It
is important that we always cling to Him in all things. His
promise to us is that He will forever watch over us so how
can we disregard Him in our daily life. To be faithful in Him
is for our benefit and not His benefit. He will always be with
us regardless. But to bring life, love and joy into our life, it
is important to allow Him deeply within us. We are to become
a new creation.