Dear Friends, What do you think of study Bibles? Do you study the Bible without a guide

or reference for doctrine, or do you rely on commentary by other Christians who exegete

and interpret some of the doctrines of the Scriptures?

The better study Bible that I have in my library is the Orthodox Study Bible (OSB),

Copyright 2008, Thomas Nelson Bibles, Nashville, TN. Some of you may not appreciate

that, because you are of another tradition than the Christian tradition of the Orthodox

Church. You may be a Christian who holds to some form of Evangelical or Pentecostal

or Anglican belief, or maybe a Roman Catholic or a Baptist. Or non-denominational.

But what think you of the Weston Study Bible? It is an evangelical Protestant Bible

of amillennial historicist interpretation of Bible prophecy. Are there any of you who

are Evangelicals who interpret the Bible in a historicist and partial preterist and

amillennial way? I think some of what Weston teaches is derived from the earlier

teachings of the Church fathers of the GOC. There is some complimentary agreement

between what Weston taught and what the Church teaches. Take care.


THE WESTON STUDY BIBLE: King James Version With Biblical Teachings.

Charles Gilbert Weston. Published by Emma Moore Weston, Weston Bible Ministries,

Jefferson, OR 97352 Copyright 1993 by John Charles Weston. All rights reserved.

Take care.

For those of you who are more ecumenical minded, and would learn from study Bibles

of various traditions: Protestant, Baptist, Pentecostal, Dispensationalist, Roman Catholic,

Eastern Orthodox, and even Jewish, you would study various traditions of the Bible

teaching and even learn about the rabbis and the Talmud. Some of you do that more than

I do. I don't much care for what the Talmud says; it maligns Jesus Christ.

In Erie PA Scott R. Harrington