Hello everyone,

The Grace of GOD Our Father and of Our LORD Jesus Christ to you, in measurable ways.

I have spent years trying to experience the happy Christianity
that I read about in the Acts of the Apostles and in the Epistles and even in the Prophets.

Jesus impressed me that he knew how to please GOD
and also by his power and his willingness to do helpful
and humane miracles for the poor people.
At age thirty, at Jesus,’ baptism GOD, the Father, said that Jesus pleased him.
[16] Jesus, when he was baptized,
went up straightway out of the water >> (after his immersion)
and, lo, the heavens were opened, (like a curtain), to him
and he saw the Spirit of GOD descending like a dove and lighting upon him:
[17] and lo a voice from heaven (publicly) saying:

This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

Myself, being a Gentile, at age thirty had no clue what pleased GOD.
I was impressed with Jesus but bewildered with myself.

The Apostles impressed me that they gave their lives to deliver a message
and they did not seemingly ‘gain anything’ to better their lives.
Their leader Jesus was dead, ‘without gaining anything’, and yet they continued.
I concluded that the Apostles knew something and had something driving them.
Myself, being a human, I did not have whatever it is that they had.
My desire to get help from Jesus, who was publicized as a Savior, kept me going.
I read about >> Gifts from GOD:
The Gift of unspeakable Joy, the Gift of Peace, Fruit of the Spirit,
the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts through the Spirit,
the Gift of Righteousness, the Gift of Salvation,
the Gift of life (regeneration) from GOD, the manifold unspeakable Grace of GOD and Jesus >>

I did not get one single Gift.
I thought that GOD had rejected me.
Since the Apostles gave their lives for their message I decided to follow their teachings.

A life with Gifts from GOD Our Father and Our LORD Jesus Christ is wonderful.
Having them in one’s life is very enjoyable and comforting.
The Holy Spirit is lovely.

The young and the old benefit, from grace, in many unsuspected ways.

Grace makes everyone happy, tolerant, loving and for the good of each other >>>

I sincerely hope to share with many, for the benefit of many,
and for their recognition, their highlighting and their thanks to GOD and his Son.

Lovers of truth must have the strong heart to face the pure truth and act on it.
Our Spiritual Fathers, the Apostles, were strong for the truth. GOD bless them.
Let us labor to love and help each other as Jesus and Our Father have taught us
and Jesus and GOD, Our Father will kick in.

[1] We then who are strong ought to >> bear the infirmities of the weak
and not to (selfishly) please ourselves.
[2] Let every one of us >> please his neighbor for his good >> to edification.

2 Thes.2
[15] Therefore, brethren, stand fast >> (firmly implanted)
and hold the traditions >> (Jesus’ and his Father’s Doctrine)
that you have been taught >> (by the Apostles),
whether by Word (verbally), or our epistle (written).
[16] Now our LORD Jesus Christ himself/ personally and GOD, even our Father,

who have (BOTH) loved us
and have given us everlasting consolation and good hope through (their) grace, (to us)
[17] (BOTH) comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word/ teaching and work.

Grace reigns, through Jesus Christ. We go to him.