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Thread: Spiritual Vision Model and New Creation Model

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    Default Spiritual Vision Model and New Creation Model

    Iam a member of your church and have recently become very interested in thetopics of the church and the end times. I heard you mention from the pulpitthat you have done some study on models of eschatology including the SpiritualVision Model and New Creation Model. What are those models and why are theyimportant? Will understanding these things help my understanding of God’spurposes in the world or is this more religious gibberish that only scholarscare about?
    “Am I supposed to be an evangelist, a minister, an author a chaplain, or a consultant? All I can say is, Gods Word grips me and drives me on, virtually preaching itself through me. I want to be faithful to its motives, its message, and its vision of Christ.” Donald Bridges

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    Default Re: Spiritual Vision Model and New Creation Model

    I would say more gibberish. The only model we are given is the cross. It is the only thong that works. All other man made stuff just leads to further bondage.

    This is not a business where business models are created to get the funding needed. This is the truth. Faith in the work of the cross is the only way to the Kingdom of God. Not what you do.

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