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  1. What are you listening to?

    by , July 1st, 2017 at 05:30 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Sherril View Post
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    Ok, so i'm not sure if anyone as made a thread like this, and i'm sure they have, but here's another one.
    On here, you can post your favorite song atm or whatever song you're listening to. Or you can suggest great songs!

    I've listened to this song so many times it's ridiculous. Can't wait to be able to play this on guitar!
    How amazing our God is i love this anointed song ...praise the Lord! Love in Christ Sherril...
  2. Gods Majesty...Beautiful God, Powerful Lord ......

    by , July 1st, 2017 at 02:32 PM
    Psalm 104:1 (Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honor and majesty.)
    Wow what a Mighty Powerful Wonderful God we serve! Our God, our heavenly Father, Beautiful in all His ways. To proclaim God, Jesus & the Holy bring on the earth Glory to our Abba God.
    Psalm 29:4 (The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.)
    Psalm 96:6 (Honor and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.)
    Psalm ...

    by , July 1st, 2017 at 04:57 AM
    Spirit filled Christians are the temple where God dwells. those that are filled are the temples of God. He teaches you from within the temple,and you receive the true knowledge of God, even his deeper thoughts.The true living God within you.If he does not dwell within you, then you cannot receive the true knowledge of his word. no matter what people may say about having knowledge of God, no spirit no knowledge. This is the conflict between those that are spirit filled and those that are not. Christians ...

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