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  1. Thank you CC!

    by , 3 Hours Ago at 11:19 AM
    I have been on CC for half a year soon. And how i stumbled upon CC was a bit of a coincident. I have been looking for a fellowship since I moved back to Norway in 2005. It is a lonely affair trying to be a Christian when you are stuck in your role as a teacher, musician, disability rights activist. The roles came in conflict with my faith. As a teacher I should be neutral and including. Never mention my own belief. Hiding my passion for Christ. Even when I was teaching religion I couldn't say what ...
  2. Maldito Dinerito! Mi poema! :)

    by , 4 Hours Ago at 11:10 AM
    A alguien se le fue el dinero.
    Aunque lo persiguió por mucho tiempo.
    Con sudor y con paciencia.
    Con fervor, sin recompensa.
    Con su vida y con su inteligencia.
    Prácticamente sin un descanso,Tratando de atraparlo y encarcelarlo.
    Al fin de cuentas.Por un momento logro trabarlo
    Pero a alguien se le olvido el esfuerzo que había utilizado,
    Y ese maldito dinero…Se le fue huyendo despreocupado.

  3. Still praying for the lost for someone prayed for me.

    by , 4 Hours Ago at 10:56 AM
    This time I call upon God to give you of His water to drink. To bless you all the days off your life and give peace if it lacks within. This time I pray that you grow in faith that you understand why He still calls us today. This time I hope that your words remain whole, that nothing is lost and there's proof in your path. I am no one to say or judge your own ways I just hope that what lacks gets restored each day. This time I pray that before it's too late, we get to walk together and serve Him ...
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  4. In our prayers God hears us.

    by , 10 Hours Ago at 05:11 AM
    Lean on prayer when there's lack of faith

    Lean on prayer when all seems unanswered

    Lean on prayer when you cannot see

    Or you're stuck in a tunnel and you're far out at sea

    Lean on prayer for believe it or not,

    The author of our faith will answer in time,

    Not when we think it's right but when the time is right.
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  5. For He knew us first.

    by , 10 Hours Ago at 05:03 AM
    I thought for seconds for a good rhyme or a good quote

    I thought for hours how could I help this thing the world lacks

    I thought for days even decades and I came to realize

    What God chose to be wise, does not go astray

    What He does is His plan and His will through perfection

    Yet infact this might take decades. For He knew us first.
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