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  1. All I have is Christ

    by , 15 Hours Ago at 03:04 PM

    VERSE 1
    I once was lost in darkest night
    Yet thought I knew the way
    The sin that promised joy and life
    Had led me to the grave
    I had no hope that You would own
    A rebel to Your will
    And if You had not loved me first
    I would refuse You still
    VERSE 2
    But as I ran my hell-bound race
    Indifferent to the cost
    You looked upon my helpless state
    And led me to the cross
    And I beheld God’s love displayed
    You suffered
  2. Hearing the Voice Of God

    by , 1 Day Ago at 04:20 AM
    Ok I could say listen and we would all answer, "I try". So lets start with what you will have or will hear at some time. Read the Word and commit yourself to prayer Both of these do take discipline. Even by simplifying my life by cutting out television and social media i still finds ways to distract myself. So what do I do personally. Well I live in my shop and have a lifestyle where I only leave town twice a week, To go to Church for the Sunday service and Friday prayer meeting. Obviously ...

    by , 1 Day Ago at 11:34 AM
    yesterday I received by ups a very old brass trumpet,but had to fix the 3rd valve cuz it wouldn't move up and down.last night learned a new song's that for a beginner trumpet player?
  4. Christians Turning Non Believers AAway From Christ

    by , 2 Days Ago at 08:38 PM
    It's been 3 years of no television and no form of social, (or as I prefer to call it antisocial media), for me. I joined this site a week ago and it saddens me to see nothings changed. Since the birth of the Church there has been adversity within the body. We have a vast array of weapons we use against each other to help the unsaved have reasons not to turn their hearts To Christ. It should be painfully obvious to any real believer our commission is to show Christs love in us to the world. Yet ...
  5. Softly and Tenderly // Sound Like Reign song

    by , 2 Days Ago at 11:06 AM Softly and Tenderly // Sound Like Reign The Kirkland in Christ Sherril
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