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  1. A Better Plan for me - by me

    by , 4 Days Ago at 11:50 PM (My poems, love songs, etc.)
    by me

    You want me to make him happy,
    but somethings are not meant to be,
    we wouldn't last a second,
    I'm not the one to save and set him free.
    (just leave me be)

    Please understand

    wipe our hands,
    and dust our feet,
    close this door,
    it's long since been done and over,
    the love is gone,
    He doesn't want me anymore.

    He doesn't need me,
    he has you, and he will be okay,

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  2. Am new here,

    by , 4 Days Ago at 05:35 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by tourist View Post
    I'm sure that you will have ample opportunity to make new friends on this site. Glad to have you join our multi-cultural international community. You have a happy day as well. Welcome to CC.
    Thank u all,am interested in good vhristain friends please join me
  3. Angel in the Whirlwind

    by , 5 Days Ago at 02:00 PM
    George Herbert Walker Bush made two speeches, before September 11, 2001, using the phrase "The Angel in the Whirlwind". There is similar terminology used in the 1st chapter of the Book of Ezekiel.
    The Four "living creatures" are "airplanes", but that word didn't exist back in Ezekiel's day, so he described them as living beings.The phrase "the firmament" is describing "the cockpit" above a pilot's head.
    When Ezekiel describes something
    Forbidden History
  4. Reasonable Faith Pt. 3: Atheist Varieties

    by , 5 Days Ago at 10:11 AM
    Apologetics often depends on your audience. Muslims require one kind of apologetic. Errant Christian denominations require another.

    But in the postmodern age Atheists are the most common contender.

    Now to the main purpose of my piece: identifying different kinds of atheists. A common feature of atheist argumentation is the straw man. They tend towards lumping all Christians into unflattering categories and most who have ever had to endure a good Atheist drubbing find ...

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  5. What is the Scroll the book Revelation?

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