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  1. Never give up on me - Song

    by , 1 Week Ago at 11:56 PM (My poems, love songs, etc.)
    I heard this song on the radio a couple years ago, its about God's faithfulness, I'm reminded of his love. I listen and remember I am loved, Kind of gets me all teary eyed. <3

    Never Give Up on Me
    lyrics by Josh Bates

    Time after time you’ve been left behind
    Like the sun when it’s starting to rain
    Time after time you’ve been forgotten
    Like a picture that’s faded with age

    Time after time you ran after me
    When I was still

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  2. depressed. feel empty.

    by , 1 Week Ago at 02:21 AM
    nothing but deadness inside me. stuck on empty. suffocating sterility. all is pointless and predictable. im rotting. i have no idea how i will ever make it out of the slump, or if i ever will crawl back out of this isolated airless hole. all is darkness and void. im dying and crying inside. I need Jesus. shatter the walls. resurrect my spirit. invigorate me with the Holy Spirit. im so broken. face down stagnant buried under darkness and void i am not living just festering. i need a miracle.