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  1. Inspirational quotes

    by , 2 Weeks Ago at 11:41 PM (My poems, love songs, etc.)
    "There must be a stronger foundation than mere friendship or sexual attraction. Unconditional love, agape love, will not be swayed by time or circumstances. ”
    ― Stephen Kendrick, Author of The Love Dare quote

    The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love.”
    ― Stephen Kendrick, Author of The Love Dare quote

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  2. To Prove You Wrong..

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 11:56 AM (My poems, love songs, etc.)
    You think you are rejected, but that is a lie,
    Christ Jesus sits with you in your darkness,
    waiting for you to let him in,
    he is already there,
    he has never left your side,
    no one could love you more.
    Only he could satisfy your thirst

    and this is the proof,
    Nothing you could do,
    could separate him from you.

    You want me to prove you wrong,
    well here it is..
    and he is saying this to you now.

    This is

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    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 04:07 AM
    Can anyone tell a baby when they see one in the flesh? Well how about in the spirit.? Oh yes, there are adults in the spirit, and babies as well.The way we grow in the flesh is the same way we grow in the spirit. We are fed the bread of life in the flesh and the bread of life in the spirit.
  4. Why do Christians struggle to reconcile Law and Grace?

    by , 3 Weeks Ago at 03:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel2020 View Post
    If you want to know and see Jesus fulfilling the law, and establishing the laws of God. then read everything in red writing. Starting in Matthew when he began to teach his disciples . You will see the modifications he made in the law. Follow the writing in red and you will do well.