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Taking a break

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by , November 8th, 2017 at 03:26 AM (362 Views)
Hi friends. I have decided to take a break from CC because of the procrastination I've been doing while I'm on here. Some of you may have already known by now that I'm studying and working. And I have more modules than I can handle. That's my fault lol. Anyway, as much as I'd like to just sit here and chat with all people all day, I have responsibilities as an adult. And as much as I'd like to say I'm a very good adult, I'm not, sometimes. (notice how I start my sentences with conjunctions? That's one way to tell I'm not living life right, obviously)

I didn't have to write about this but I feel I need some accountability. I will be honest with you, one of my major weaknesses is getting easily distracted. Jesus is changing me, I know this because I'm not as idiotic as I used to be before. So that's nice. But I'm far from perfect and I need help. I need Jesus and His Word to light my path and I need your help to keep me accountable.

I'm hoping to be back by the end of this term. Until then, I wish you all continue to be the awesome people that you are. I love you all and I thank God I'm alive, you're all alive, and we've all met (at least virtually) and have touched each others' lives.

<3 <3 <3

I love you all. Did I tell you I love you all? Okay. Just making sure. Be good and Jesus' love be with you all.

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  1. longtrekker's Avatar
    I do appreciate your insights - and hope u drop by later when u got a grip on your studies more but completely understand in the mean time....
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  2. Sweetmorningdew78's Avatar
    Yayy gonna miss you girl ❤ Take care always and God bless you ❤
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  3. Ugly's Avatar
    (notice how I start my sentences with conjunctions? That's one way to tell I'm not living life right, obviously)

    I don't even know what a conjunction is. What does tgatbsay about me?
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  4. stonesoffire's Avatar
    Until you return, study well, and enjoy life. But, don't forget to come back.

    A good thing about being old; I can do all those things, and people will just excuse me...oh it's her age ya know. Lol

    love you and your wisdom Abigail..
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  5. Magenta's Avatar
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  6. Tinuviel's Avatar
    God bless, Abi! I know you will be missed.

    I know that you'll be missed? What kind of a thing to say is that, anyway? I'll just chuck my Scandinavian reserved upbringing out the window and say it properly: I'll miss you! Hurry back
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  7. loverofjesus27's Avatar
    be good and we will miss you hopefully you get back on time. bye!
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    Updated November 8th, 2017 at 09:28 PM by loverofjesus27
  8. loverofjesus27's Avatar
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  9. toinena's Avatar
    I honor your decision, but I join the choir. I am missing you already.

    It is a wise thing to do, though. There are so many things that can take your focus off studies. I pray you will come back soon. After you have caught up with everything.
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  10. Stranger36147's Avatar
    You seem like a sweet person. Hope you don't stay gone for too long.
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  11. AbigailZeke's Avatar
    Thank you all for being so kind and encouraging. You have no idea how much your messages here kept me focused all throughout this week. <3
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