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Learning to trust Jesus and rhe Bible

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by , December 5th, 2017 at 05:14 AM (124 Views)
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Although I still believe in God, I no longer have faith that the Bible is true or that Jesus is God's son. The fact is that the Bible is corrupted. Even Christan scholars admit this. How can I or anyone believe and apply it when it is not intact? How can we use one corrupted book to confirm another book? How can God create a logical being (humans) and then demand that we suspend our innate logic and believe a corrupted and illogical book as proof of his good will towards his creation and then threaten our afterlife with hell if we don't believe the illogical and corrupted information. Can someone please explain this to me?
I haven't read all the responses but can answer with what I believe and why.

I have believed in God my whole life but had a hard time with Christians, the Bible and churches for various reasons. My upbringing was Buddhist, my culture Cambodian although I was raised in the United States.

My parents attended church to learn English and my two year old self asked mom about God and Jesus. She told me that Jesus was a good person, an angel/good spirit who loved people and help people. She believed in God and praying to God but said some other things but the kid me didn't really get. The main lesson was respect.

My own personal faith journey confirmed the existence of God And lead me to trust Jesus and the Bible as God's message to us about His love.

I have found I don't agree with many Christians about certain ascpects of the Bible (mainly by talking to people or reading threads on this forum) however I learned the one thing tying all God's children together is not perfect knowledge or wisdom where we can say we have all the right answers.

What ties us together is love and having the humility to say we don't know everything, but we have a God who does. We have a God who loves us enough He would die for us. We have the Holy Spirit to reach and lead us. We have the Church to hug us and help us grow.

So if you ever want to talk just pm me. I don't check forum threads as often as I used to.

You are in my prayers.

I have struggled too with the Bible and have found a few answers to my situations. Perhaps I can share those with you. However every year I reread the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and it humbles me, because it reveals how much I still need to study and pray about.

May God bless and keep you. May His light shine upon you and His love and old you in His protective arms.

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