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Can yiu dribk from Jesus' cup?

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by , January 12th, 2018 at 04:41 AM (130 Views)
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I believe what happened in Pentecost is that all the people shouted with one voice the same message something like "praise God, Christ the Messiah has ascended into Heaven and has cleansed us of our sins" and angels carried their proclamation in whatever tongue/known language they shouted in to the ears of people who needed to hear.

I believe that the gifts of God are for today. However I don't believe what many claim to be the gifts of God.
.to me many people make God to be a genie to grant wishes and the gifts He has entrusted us with to be a magic handbook that we can wave a wand and get whatever we want,

That is a demonic lie

The name and claim it doctrine is from the Enemy and not from God. Its gives people false hope in promises not found in the Bible without a lot of cherry picking of verses and twisting,

Does God promise you a pain free life if you only obey and do enough "good works"?

No that is old convenant thinking.

God promises you trials, rejection by the world and that He will be with you through it all.

God's apostles where beaten, thrown in prison. Jesus was crucified...God promises that His people will ensure similar hardships.

Are you willing to pickup that cross and walk with Him?

Are you willing to drink from the same cup He drank from?

Or will you eat of the candy coated ding pushed by unrighteius preachers who only want money,power and prestige?

Who will you listen to?

The preacher in the Armani suiit?

Or the homeless beggar on the street?

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