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Spiritual Gifts what does it mean practically?

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by , January 14th, 2018 at 03:22 AM (61 Views)
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you can believe me or not. i don't know why i am up at 3 am this morning. my dog woke me up and my heart told me to check this site. i want to ignore that prompting and go back to bed but God has taught me the harm ignoring His nudges does.

so when you start to see into the spirit realm, which has been all around you and everyone else. which influences others behaviors. demons whisper lies into everyone's ears and flee before God's people joined together in prayer.

have you ever noticed how negative thoughts and doubts about God and His love creep into your mind when you are alone more than when you are in the presence of another TRUE believer?

there are many fakes and hypocrites out there. i try my best not to judge because if i did i would become a hypocrite too. i know too clearly my own sins and faults because those demons make sure to guilt trip you into hating yourself. the only way to overcome is to remind yourself and them that YOU ARE FORGIVEN CHILD OF GOD AND BY HIS BLOOD, YOUR SINS HAVE BEEN WASHED AWAY.

if you don't truly in your hearts of hearts believe this, then your faith is weak and you need to seek His kingdom with your whole heart.

we are not in Old covenant times. God does NOT demand 10% but 100% of your life.

people make excuses and are lukewarm. they are doubleminded and seek riches of this world instead of storing up treasures in heaven.

i do not accuse anyone with my words but repeat God's truth that is found in the Bible. if you feel condemned then its your own heart and mind and thoughts or it might be demons torturing you. i don't know your life. i don't know your heart.

however God does.

what was i saying about the spirit realm? Lord i need some more sleep, my brain still seems asleep but i feel moved to speak. so strange.

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