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Spiritual Gifts what does it mean practically?

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by , January 14th, 2018 at 03:23 AM (66 Views)
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okay here was where i left, God give me grace...

so when you start to see into the spirit realm, which has been all around you and everyone else. which influences others behaviors. demons whisper lies into everyone's ears and flee before God's people joined together in prayer.

i was going to say next that the verses that say "the prayer of a righteous man availath much" and "when two or more of you are gathered together than I am with you also"... i don't know the bible book or numbers, just that they are in the Bible. i can find out if you really need the proof, or you can search yourself.

the point being is that if you can see the spirit realm, you would be able to see the angels that gather around us to protect us from the demons without when there are two or more. (why do you think Jesus sent His disciples out TWO BY TWO?)

when you are alone you can praise God and put on some worship music and the Enemy will flee, but you have to remember to do this. most just listen to the lies and become depress.

anyway. i hope this blessed someone. give all glory and thanks to God. if it was my choice i would be cuddling asleep next to my husband.

gonna make a prayer shawl for a friend since God has blessed me with sleep this night.

God bless and keep you. May His light shine upon you all of your days. Peace of the Lord be with you.
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