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Training camp

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by , March 17th, 2017 at 05:00 PM (238 Views)
This weekend I'm down in KC where God trained (Masters Commission-a discipleship program. There are many around the US but they each have there individual style) me months after I surrendered my heart to Him. Then I started to get involved with River Christian fellowship and watched a small
church buy an old hospital for an out reach. It is call River of refuge and is housing ppl today. I have a lot of mixed feelings bc I never finished what I started in the church, a few kids have seen my struggle with drugs and now are out partying. But on the other hand one guy is involved in ministry!! So judgement day will be interesting to say the least.

i believe that this weekend, I will be asking for forgiveness around the church and forgiving myself, just like 6months ago when I found myself at my high school football field forgiving the young me for not going ALL IN. At the beginning of this year I felt " undignified " was the word for this year. To let go and let God!!!

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  1. Rosyshine's Avatar
    It takes courage to revisit the past and ask for forgiveness. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes on your journey and God bless
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