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I made a vow to God

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by , October 1st, 2013 at 08:05 AM (1008 Views)
so about a year ago when I was young in faith I made a vow to God to give him my all, to love and trust him above all else. I said I wanted to be a beacon of light unto a world of darkness, I said I wanted him and I to turn this world upside down, to shake this world awake and to be a shepherd for his sheep. when I said these things I meant them but I had no idea that is exactly what God had planned. during the rest of my faith he revealed many parts of myself as a born again Christian, and showed me the kind of person I am going to be. someone I could only dream of being yet I am to be. a person who deeply and richly filled with love and compassion, who no longer sees through the fleshly eyes or love with the fleshly heart but with God's and God's alone. who now has the very spirit and nature of the lord Jesus.
at the same time a warrior of Christ, who is very strong and protective of God's children. who is completely obedient to God in all situations. who has that fire in his eyes Jesus has in revelations.
and also at the same time a loving and humble servant to both God and his children, someone who Is more than willing to go without for the sake of God and others. one who is more than willing to give his life up for another no matter who they are.

so I vowed as a young Christian to give him my all, and to be a beacon of light unto a world darkness and a shepherd for his sheep, to turn the world upside down and to shake the world awake. not knowing on that day God's and my heart signed a contract and then soon after I began seeing the fruit of this contract as I slowly became to be this person. and even though I still have far to go, I see now that these were more than just promises. to me it seems they were God telling me who we are to be together

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  1. JesusLives's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing and giving your life to Jesus. The road you travel will not always be easy and at times there will seem to be darkness all around but rest assured that Jesus is always with you. Keep your eyes on Jesus and build your relationship with Him. Let Him be your teacher I can tell you He has been the best teacher I have ever had. I have peace and know His love. The best is yet to come. Keep growing in Jesus.
    Blain likes this.
  2. Galahad's Avatar
    That's encouraging. It is empowering.
  3. firework's Avatar
    It sounds to me like you are on the right and narrow path and your motto is ideal for reaching what you are becoming....beautiful. keep moving forward and there is no doubt in my mind with the Lord by your side that you will attain!
  4. MissAfricanNproud2B's Avatar
    Blain, indeed you have a long way to go but God's with you and on your side! Who can be against you? Nobody!