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Bible Verse that Changed Your Life

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by , August 27th, 2015 at 04:15 PM (1083 Views)
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I have a couple of verses, but I would not say they changed my life, so much as they STRENGTHENED it. I used to feel totally alone in all my trials and tribulations throughout my life. I mean, I KNEW God was there somewhere, in the ether but I could not see or hear or feel Him, so I felt completely alone.. My most recent trial was from November 2014- March of this year, when I was stuck in bed with a herniated disc. 24/7 was spent in bed, unless I absolutely had to go out, to get groceries and mail and such. Physically I was all alone, but I knew God was with me.

My first verse is Philippians 4:13: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Ain't that the truth! I relied on him to get me into and out of bed. Getting in was easy, getting UP AND OUT was sheer hell. I was in constant, agonizing pain all the time, except for when I was laying absolutely still. Laying down was my only relief. Standing was the ultimate torture.

I relied on God to get me into and out of bed. I relied on him to get me safely into and out of my combination shower/ tub, which truly was a chore, especially since I couldn't even hardly lift my left leg to get in. Thank God for tub safety bars!! lol.. I relied on God to get me to my mailbox and dumpster and back safely, so I could dump my trash and check my mail. I relied on him to give me the physical strength to go and get groceries, without collapsing. I even relied on him to get me to the toilet on time so I wouldn't mess my The herniated disk even affected my internal stuff, and my bladder was very weak, so I learned to listen when the toilet called my bladder, and painful as it was to get up out of bed, haul my butt to the bathroom just in time, each time..

My other verse is Psalm 23, paraphrased here: The Lord is with me.. Though I walk through the valley of shadows, I will not fear any evil.

The Lord is with ME!! How awesome is that, especially when you're alone and in pain and no one is there to comfort you! For that 4 or 5 months that I was incapacitated, the devil tried his worst to get me any way he could. He wanted me alone with my thoughts, which did become somewhat dark every now and then. I admit I took more than one look at my pain pill bottles and wondered how many I would need to take to just drift off and be with Jesus, free of all this horrid pain. I could barely even move, but I hauled my butt onto CC EVERY DAY and received much encouragement and prayers from many on here. Being able to access CC during that time, truly did get me through my darkest of days.

The devil sent me constant, torturous agonizing pain and feelings that this trial would last FOREVER. But God sent me His son to tell me that this trial "shall soon also pass" and that He "would never leave me." Satan is the ultimate liar and destroyer of hope and peace and happiness. Jesus is the bringer of peace and hope and happiness. HE can repair what satan tries to tear apart..

For all who read this, no matter what your circumstance, always remember that the Lord is with you, He will NEVER leave you, and you CAN do ALL things through him who gives you strength..
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  1. Cherries's Avatar
    Awesome scriptures you chose. The word of G-d is full of examples that the Lord is with us no matter what happens and that in a hopeless situation He makes all things possible for us. The Lord bless you sister.
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