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A very deep look into the proof of Kingdom Life!

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by , 1 Week Ago at 10:10 PM (27 Views)
First I wish to thank many of you who have witnessed my testimony! It is Wednesday May 16th, and over the past 4 days the Lord has impressed some things for me to consider about the Kingdom life.

And now I believe he wishes for me to share this with my brothers and sisters to also consider. So let's get to some meat! ( Matt 7:12-29) AS you read this please take note of a few things before we dig in.

1. The disciples never asked Jesus to explain this. 2. Power from his very Kingdom which dwells within our Jesus became manifested! ( Matt 8:1-34!!!) POWER OVER!! OK!! Now with this in mind let us begin to eat. ( matt 7:12-29) verse 12 IN EVERYTHING!! A reminder to ( Rom12:3 as well as ( Acts 20:35!!) Notice as well after he prayed with them. verse 36-38 Paul knew something about the Kingdom many have not seen,or considered.

( Matt 7:13-14) Enter in this manner. HOW?? By your very growth in your faith!!( 2 Peter 1:4-11!!!!) These things which bear witness inside the believer,come forth as GOOD fruit!( Gal 5:22-26!!!!) ( matt 7:15-20!!)

Jesus hear tells us of future events!( matt 24:11 and verse 24, 1 john 4:1, 2 peter 2:1 and others,) verse 17 EVERY TREE!! No exceptions! same with bad.verse 18-19 Now a question I gave the Lord,I asked the Lord since we are a work in progress to achieve good fruits( Phil 1:6) then is it not possible to have good fruit in one area of our Life and still have bad fruit in another?

Hence Holy Spirit spoke this to me. Ah in my Spirit brothers and sisters not out loud hehe."verse 19 is in relation to ( 1 Cor 3:12-15!) a burned fruit I look to restore in my brother or sister, to prune this but as my Word states ( Rom 8:14-15) how YOU choose to be led greatly determines how I can lead you! For behold you must open the door to me!( rev 3:19-22) and to do this will take great courage and overcoming ability which I give all my sons and daughters,but it is you choice to use them or not!"

To better understand the reward of overcomers please notice these verses in Rev!!( Rev 2:7,verse 11 notice how something is added each time an overcomer is talked about!! Rev 2:17,verse 26, Rev 3:5,verse 12,verse 21,and finally if that was no enough for us,a final reminder Rev 21:7!) ( matt 7:21-29) verse 21 calls to rememberance ( james 1:22)

Good fruit MUST be brought forth! ( mark 11:12-14) please then notice verse 20-25!! Unforgiveness can cause bad fruit as well! This brothers and sisters I myself never considered. Answered prayer I have found brothers comes from two scripture which are written on my heart.

1. Psalm 27:13, and 2. 1 thess 5:18!!!) Being in his very will!! Faith is born through LOVE ( gal 5:6!!) Love brings hope,everlasting hope!!( rom 15:13!!) For the very same peace Jesus has, are also a promise to all his children who believe!!!( Phil 4:7-9!!) a renewed mindset!!( rom 12:2) ok finally ( Matt 7:22-29) There will be many shocked people arriving to the throne of our Jesus! believing themselves to be believers,yet there is no way to underestimate the number a few!

Only reference I have found in the Word where it defines a few is here ( 1 peter 3:20!!) and the reason why we suffer!!( 1 peter 3:13-18) Have you ever seen gold purified? I have once,at one point in gold becomeing purified in actually turns red!!( 1 peter 1:3-9!!!!)

I have been burned more then a few times my fellow saints, as I am sure you have as well! But through this we see the purpose! For how do we know our love for him is real without being tested?? This is spoken not to question your faith,but rather as I do,examine it daily!!( 2 cor 13:5-10!!!)

And so my brothers and sister I myself take heed to the wise believer even as you do!! ( matt 7:24-25) for if we do not!!Then this is our fate!( matt 7:26-27) In Christ we become accountable!!

( 1 cor 14:20) I am thankful to our Lord for his gifts of both knowledge and wisdom which can only become attained through his Word and HIS DOING!!!( 1 cor 1:25-31!!!) I pray Holy Spirit has brought this knowledge and wisdom upon you as he has done for me, and that you shall be as I am greatly blessed by looking always unto him for every area of my life!!! ( 1 Cor 1:4-9!!!) And my personal favorite!! ( Jude 1:17-25!!!!!) Blessing to all who take heed of Holy Spirit!

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