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Works by the Spirit?

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, September 3rd, 2017 at 05:12 PM (250 Views)
Works without an understanding of Spiritual reality in Christ misses the point completely. Works are not what we do to be saved, but they are the life of one who is saved. The reason so many trip over this is because the word, "Works" is quite nebulous. In Scripture terms it's literally love one another. The reason we employ the idea of "works" is because it distracts from the idea of our current spiritual reality in Christ. Please remember the natural mind is an enemy to the things of God. Thus in order to SEE what God is doing/saying we must go into the spiritual truths of Scripture. This journey is not found by our minds, but by accessing the Mind of Christ, who is Holy Spirit, the One who leads us, the Body of Christ.

I realize that may have been unclear, let me say it like this: I stress the new creation reality found in Christ because I believe it is the entry point of being discipled by the Spirit of our Lord. Works are the expression of this life. They are the navigation points we are given to discern if we are lead by flesh or Spirit. They calibrate us to where we are on our journey of discovery in Christ. But they are not what give us access nor are they what we strive to by the flesh. If we do it in our power, it misses the point of discipleship completely. They are done freely without strings that we might be purified by His Spirit and Truth. We are pruned by His word.

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