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The Sacred and Almost Forgotten Seven Commandments

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by , November 13th, 2017 at 12:04 PM (82 Views)

This book was written to glorify, elevate and exalt the Name of the King of kings, the Holy One blessed is He, among the dwellers of the earth.
This is also a call to the nations that their path to the World to Come can only come through the way stipulated by G-d in the Bible, i.e. by scrupulously keeping and fulfilling the 7 Noahide commandments.
Yours sincerely,
Alan Naor

The Truth of JudaismIncludes All Worlds

The truth of Judaism includes all worlds
It shines on a person’s countenance whoever he is
Whether Jew or gentile
For thus did the blessed G-d command in the Torah 613to a Jew, and to a gentile, only seven.
The Christians and pagans worship idols
Both of them are in the same category
What is the difference between this one or that oneAll of it is an illusion, concocted and fabricated.
In vain you pursued the Jew over the generations
You maltreated him, cast him into the corner
With incomparable cruelty, with cursed blood hate
With willful wickedness, for no reason, for no purpose
Just so you destroyed the black sheep
Who truthfully and honestly had done nothing to you
Whose hope for the world and vision of humanity was all forpeace and tranquility
Just as the prophet Isaiah prophesied.

Ancient and Modern Idolatry

What is the difference between the Egyptian idolatry in thePharaonic period and that of Christianity in our days?
Let’s think it over carefully. What is the main difference?The humandevised idols which the Egyptians worshipped and bowed down to arealso worshipped by the Christians in our times.
We can be more forgiving of the Pharaohs because theyserved their idols in the cradle of history and culture, at a time when theentire world served idols. However, now, thousands of years later, theChristians continue the same adulation to idols and icons. Their shame anddisgrace should be sevenfold. The Rambam writes explicitly the ThirteenArticles of Faith in paragraph 3:
“I believe with complete faith that the blessed Creatordoes not have a body, and no physical qualities pertain to him. He can not belikened to any image.”
Gentlemen, why are you continuing to mislead yourbelievers? In our world, there is only one way for non-Jews to merit the NextWorld and enter Paradise and that is by worshipping in the way that G-dcommanded, i.e. by fulfilling and observing the Seven Noahide commandments thatHe commanded you in the holy Torah, the Torah of the Jewish people.
I am writing this as the son of a Jewish mother born to anillustrious chassidic dynasty, and a British non-Jewish father (albeit a Righteousof the Nations who saved my mother from the terror of the Holocaust). Thefollowing are the 7 Noahide commandments as they appear in Genesis and the Bookof Jeremiah.
Great rabbis including Maimonides have formulatedthem, and they appear in Jewish classics such as Me’am Lo’ez and the Book ofChinuch (at the end), and in the Bible commentary of Rabeinu Bechayai (Genesis2):
1)Do not worship idols
2)Do not murder
3)Do not commit adultery
4)Do not steal
5)Appoint for yourselves judges and law enforcers
6)Do not blaspheme G-d
7)Do not eat a limb from a living animal.
N.B. All these commandments apply to all gentiles andif they fulfill them out of obedience to G-d, they are called the Righteous ofthe Nations and will merit Paradise. (Quote from Me’am Lo’ez).

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