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Suffering - turned around ... beauty for ashes.

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by , March 16th, 2017 at 06:38 AM (230 Views)
suffering is not a new concept by any matter of means. It is part and parcel of christianity and is well documented and explained within scripture. Our relationship with Christ will not provide a way to experience life without suffering, but it will provide a way through, and holds the key to all of our worldly issues and situations.
Suffering provides an opportunity to draw nearer to our saviour. Remember Jesus has experienced suffering beyond our comprehension and can relate to us intimately through it. Our maturity and character is proven through suffering. Many people who take the 'I know it all' stance in life, generally do so through believing character and maturity is found within the pages of a book in something they have become both knowledgable and experienced within. Sadly this all to often is from a lack of experience, and maturity. The two things that they hold in high esteem within their ego.
Those that have been through intense suffering are forced to approach themselves in light of their own imperfections and need for a tangible saviour. This breaks down false lofty beliefs about oneself, and leaves us with an accurate picture of our fragility, giving us a fresh perspective towards God's grace and our fellow Christian. Knocking the door to consider the beauty of openness, transparency, vulnerability and graciousness. It's often those who suffer to find financial stability that end up doing the most to bless others financially. Those whom have suffered drug abuse, family disorganisation and molestation often being the ones that pick up the proud mantle within their community to work with those less fortunate.
For me, suffering has revealed my need for a saviour, and brought lofty thoughts about myself back down the ladder of my ego, to the rung of 'realistic.' Within all the painful connotations the word suffering inspires, there are feelings of hope and precious intimacy with our Lord. Some of my most powerful and memorable encounters with Jesus, have been through some of my coldest, darkest most painful seasons. Without suffering my heart would not long for my saviour 'as a deer pants for water.' Our Lord is the silver lining of suffering. Only He can meet you in such a dark place effecting your heart forever.

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    Initially as a believer I thought I would be supernaturally rescued from all future suffering. I did not know God was there in the midst of those hard times as he was in the good times. Sometimes, I still have to remind myself that it rains on the just and the unjust. Even though I am now saved I am not immune from difficulties.
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