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The Real Battle.

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by , February 16th, 2017 at 05:32 PM (441 Views)
How often when trials and tribulations hit us that we cry, “why me”? and proceed to seek comfort from anything or anyone that has empathy with us. We welcome the consolation of well-meaning people who neither provide real strength or wisdom on our situation. We succumb to our fears and anxieties. What we really have failed to do; is not to address the real battle that we face each day. Often these same trials and tribulations keep manifesting in our lives and we don’t understand why or how to make them go away.

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  1. Elenaway1's Avatar
    Prayer, fasting, deliverance God is just if you follow him he will take your burdens and make you victorious.
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  2. changethechannel's Avatar
    Please pray for me that God would deliver me
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  3. 20's Avatar
    The Lord build our characters with the tribulations and trials of our faith to reach higher spiritual level in his Kingdom KJVMatthew25;23
  4. Blain's Avatar
    For anyone who is always asking God to build them up to strengthen their faith to humble them to teach them and to deepen the love in them God never said how he was going to answer our prayers did he? It is not through the easy times that we grow the most after all. I have prayed for God to help my family to grow closer for a long time now and now we are worse off than we ever have been money has never been this bad before even to the point where we might lose the house.

    I told my adopted mom the same thing that I have been praying for God to help this family but he never said how he would do it and that this storm we are going through may very well be the answer to my prayers. her response was then you need to pray better because I am tired of storms. Some people can stand in the storms having faith in Christ others need more training and support to be able to stand.