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I'm a Baptist so can I marry an Orthodox

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by , March 16th, 2017 at 11:30 PM (250 Views)
Well, I'm a Baptist ,very much involved in ministry and I have been talking to an Orthodox guy and we want to take our relationship further. But I'm very much confused about our different doctrine and my church will not allow us to get marry unless he took water baptism again . Do you think it's alright to take our relationship further ? Being in a ministry and having accountability to the church itself makes things more complicated though I know that we all are believers. Plesse I need your valuable suggestions .. Thank you

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  1. Exodus1's Avatar
    If you hope to marry someone who shares your desire to serve God whole-souled, keep this matter before Him in prayer. (Phil. 4:6, 7) Regardless of how long you may need to wait, do not despair. Trust in our loving God as your Helper, and he will support you emotionally in harmony with your need.—Heb. 13:6.
    12 A single Christian desiring to get married may receive a interest from someone of doubtful spirituality or even from an unbeliever. If that happens to you, remember that the heartache that results from making a bad choice in a marriage mate can cause greater pain by far than the longing that a person feels while single. And once married, for better or for worse, you are bound to your mate for life. (1 Cor.7:27) Do not out of desperation make a decision to marry that you will later regret.—Read 1Corinthians 7:39.
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  2. Ugly's Avatar
    Since denominations are of man and have absolutely nothing to do with God at all,it shouldn't matter.
    And water baptism is good but not required.
    Once your church begins telling you how to live your life that's bad sign. Church should be for instruction and encouragement. Not to dictate your life by their standards.

    As far as the possible differences in doctrine I'd have to ask how much the two of you really know one another and what each believes. You're talking marriage but don't even know his spiritual beliefs? To me that's a bigger red flag.

    I don't know specifics but it seems orthodox often have some sizeable differences from more mainstream beliefs.
    But if differences are too great it could become a stumbling block. Then there's the question of how to teach children, if you have kids together.
    I, for example, will not date a charismatic. Too much I disagree with and it Would create problems

    Sounds to me like the first step is talking to each other and finding out if your beliefs are more similar or more different. There is no decision to make until you have all the facts, which you currently don't
    So often the answer lies in plain site but people prefer roundabout ways and skipping the most obvious answers.
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