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by , 4 Weeks Ago at 03:15 AM (95 Views)
Poem - a letter
by me

what good is my pride,
what benefit is it compared to the journey?
I would have it be,
that you were living on Pluto,
and alive, then in peril, by my side.

Not that I do not dream,
nor ache, nor want, nor bleed,
but I would only have you breath,
for you, a mirror have made me see.
There lies the broken sorrow in your eyes
brought about by my cruelty,
and I became ashamed of myself.

If you love me,
then, do you no harm,
don't be foolish.
You are worth so much more
than you think.

Why do you say self harming things,
do you delight in the idea of hurting me?
Because that's what it would do,
for I love you.

Cherish every God given breath,
and sip the sunrise as a fresh aged fine wine.
As I pray and thank the one who made you,
for every handsome perfect flaw, and wrinkly line.

I have an understanding of what you go through,
and therefore I will not ask anything of you,
but to get up and live your life,

that is all I want of you,
I love you.

Don't worry about me,
I'm tougher than you know,
time is nothing, when it comes to love.

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