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Poem - by me

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by , 2 Weeks Ago at 08:50 AM (135 Views)
Poem by me

Wait no more o heart;
close not thy watchful eyes.
In the distance,
Is the gentle whisper carried
by the wind,
within, are the softest cries.

Pray hither to a fragile heart,
your fingers slowly wrap firm to hold.
and in your arms,
I have become entranced.

You call my name from a far;
as you lay upon your bed of stars,
that do hold you.
Where is my darling?
want to be where you are.

Come take me away;
and show me what it is like to sail,
and I will learn new things,
o frail heart be o so brave,
let love lead the way,
constantly broken,
constantly renewed,
and always loving.

Set sail o heart.
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