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Dear Jesus - Poem

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by , 2 Weeks Ago at 02:46 AM (159 Views)
Dear Jesus Christ,
by me

Jesus, you watched me fall from grace,
but never did you turn your face,
all though you allowed me to make my choice to burn,
consequences of my flesh,
sometimes I feel I will never learn

Man says,
"I love you but you have to die to prove to me",
Jesus you said,
"I love you, and I died for you
so you could be with me."

Lord Jesus, let not my words be lip service,
let my words be true,
man breaks my heart,
but forever with open arms you
come to my rescue.

You never say
I told you so,
you just take me
into your arms, and wipe away my tears,
and you smile at me,
you smile at me,
with no words, that say
"I love you"
that brings me hope and life,
and washes away my fear.

Let my words fall to you,
for there is rest by your side,
let me learn to let you in,
and learn how to become your bride.

Why have I chased hearts that didn't want me?
When you were standing there
watching as true love, waiting.

Teach me how,

can you show me what love looks like?
Let me search your heart within,
and I become immersed
and know what it is to be forgiven,
to be free, chains broken,
far from sin,
free from the curse.

Teach me love,
Lord Jesus
teach me how,

and wash away my tears,
and quench my empty thirst,
for I yearn for your love,
as I look up to the clouds
for your return.

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