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In the room

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by , 1 Week Ago at 01:20 AM (88 Views)
I'm sort of in a transition of writing a certain guy all the time and switching to a new muse. The new muse being Jesus.
Although I still love and care for the older muse, full focus on him made me stressed out and anxious a lot, and made me question his love for me, so in order to keep my head on my shoulders, I turn my focus toward God.

If it's meant to be with the guy, it will be, and if not, may the Lord God change my situation to set me free. I let it go into God's hands to deal with. I will not worry about it. I feel more peace this way.

It was also sort of a suggestion by fellow CC'er, who was kind enough to reach out, so I thought about it and took his advice.

Plus I want to see where this takes me with my relationship with God.

In The Room

by me

Darkness, an ocean of black oil;
Where within I float, dissolve in pieces, I, alone.
There is a sickness within my soul;
and a hunger for eternity.

In the room that is as bright as the sun;
sits the one true King of Kings, the only one.
Clothed in white robes, with the unforgettable smile;
he's been waiting for me, for the longest while.

I peer into the rectangular door way;
this tear drop of hope, this taste of Heaven,
in the room, upon a white marble bench, where he is sitting,
waiting for me, calling me to come in.

Into the room,
he waits for me,
and I am drawn in by his love.

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