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  1. Reasonable Faith Pt. 5: Apologetic Schools Cntd

    by , 1 Day Ago at 12:28 PM
    To get a better frame of reference for this piece, I strongly suggest you read Pt. 4 in this series where I briefly define each school.

    Here, I will explain how I will read/use texts from the other schools and better-define my preference for Classical Apologetics.

    The Classical School- My Core

    For now, I consider myself a Classical apologist above all else. The two-step approach matches up well with the theological truths of National Revelation and Special ...

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  2. Reasonable Faith Pt. 4: The 4 forms of Apologetics

    by , 1 Day Ago at 03:23 PM
    When going about answering atheist questions, I have done two things- read their main source texts to get the full force of their arguments and then prioritize my reading of apologetic based on who may provide the best response.

    I've determined this by weighing the merits of the 4 main apologetical schools. When I do my apologetical book reviews, I will identify the school or schools to which the author belongs.

    1. Classical Apologetics

    Arguably the oldest ...

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  3. Reasonable Faith Pt. 3: Atheist Varieties

    by , 3 Days Ago at 10:11 AM
    Apologetics often depends on your audience. Muslims require one kind of apologetic. Errant Christian denominations require another.

    But in the postmodern age Atheists are the most common contender.

    Now to the main purpose of my piece: identifying different kinds of atheists. A common feature of atheist argumentation is the straw man. They tend towards lumping all Christians into unflattering categories and most who have ever had to endure a good Atheist drubbing find ...

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  4. Reasonable Faith Pt. 2: Questions and Objections

    by , 3 Days Ago at 07:54 PM
    My dear one was a self-identified Christian for much of their life, but eventually, questions and objections seeped in. They either did not answer these questions sufficiently or did not care too. So, while I suspect a great reason why they fell away has to do with personal anecdotes and overall dissatisfaction with the Christian life, these great questions and objections served as a sort of nail in the coffin.

    I had no answer to a great many of them for reasons I've detailed in my ...
  5. Reasonable Faith Pt. I: An Introduction

    by , 1 Week Ago at 06:32 PM
    Some weeks ago, a person very dear to me took the leap from Christianity to Atheism. Suffice to say, I love them, they're smart, and the issues and questions they've brought forth have triggered a minor existential crisis on my part.

    When I was a kid, I was very much into apologetics. Having at least some reason to believe was important to me. But when I grew older, I chose a profession which requires a lot of continuing education. I stagnated in a state of unquestioning acceptance ...
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