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cellphone accident

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by , July 27th, 2013 at 07:39 AM (1513 Views)
I was so drained from work and I dont feel like going home yet so I decided to pass by the mall and had my super duper late lunch at the food court. I was so preoccupied with something that I didnt notice that I left my cellphone in the table. I was already at home when I realized that something wasnt right. I immediately searched for my cellphone in my bag but it wasn't there. So i asked my cousin's wife if i can borrow her cellphone so I can call my phone. Someone answered my phone and told me that he works at the food court and i can get my cellphone from him. I immediately went to the mall without any delay because who knows he might changed his mind on returning my precious cellphone from me. I had no cellphone with me and i didn't even bother asking for his name nor asked what he looks like. I fervently prayed to God that he would gladly return it without any condition. I was on the mall already looking for the guy who had my cellphone. He gladly gave my cellphone back and out of gratitude i gave him something in return for his kindness. Nowadays,it's so rare to find people who are honest enough to return your phone without expecting anything in return . thank you so much Lord. My cellphone had gone so many trials already. 2 months ago, my cellphone was spilled with water and it survived and now this mall incident. Thank your Lord for your kindness and love. I can never fathom your love.God is so great. He works in our thoughts and inner soul. He translates painful circumstances for our own good. He is everything beyond what human mind can ever comprehend. Let's continue to be faithful to Him. Praise God in all situations.

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Updated July 27th, 2013 at 07:45 AM by dliz

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  1. ChristianGuy0's Avatar
    Praise God for answering your prayer. He cares for us and He is faithful. When we put our trust in worldly things they don't always work out, but when we trust in Him we have a rock solid foundation and an ally like no other.
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  2. jkalyna's Avatar
    good testimoney, the Lord cares about the little and big things in our lives, the other day I found my hair barrette it is special to me though it cost 1 dollar, and the next day, I found a new church to go to, being set free from the Religious one, and bondage, and God opened the door to one close to home. Don't forget your phone,,lol
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