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7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Southeastern Philippines

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by , October 14th, 2013 at 10:18 PM (1731 Views)
I was in deep sleep when i was awaken by the sudden shaking of my room and that my things were starting to fall on the ground. I thought i was having a bad dream but Little did i know that it was an earthquake. I immediately sheltered myself under the bed and prayed to God. It's very intense because I can still feel the aftershocks every now and then; Some buildings have collapsed. It's not only in Cebu but nationwide. What i'm really concerned is the result of the earthquake afterwards. Please pray for the safety of Philippines. God please protect our loved ones and friends in this midst of adversity. It's amazing how God allowed the earthquake to happen on a holiday. Less panic,more lives have been spared.

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Updated October 15th, 2013 at 12:33 AM by dliz

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  1. letti's Avatar
    I am sorry,I can only pray, since we are all at risk for that happening.I will say prayers for you,and the safety of the country you live in.
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  2. JCluvsme's Avatar
    Amen amen amen IN JESUS name..
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  3. hon2294's Avatar
    yes,thank God it happened on a holiday. I am just at home, at the second floor and hurriedly went downstairs and just cover my head and pray,(no idea of going out of the house) but thank God everyone is safe. The house really swayed. God bless you and take care. Hope everyone is fine.
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  4. pickles's Avatar
    You and all there are in my prayers in Jesus's name for all help, streangth, comfort and streangth needed.
    Glad you are ok.

    God bless
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  5. fourleaf's Avatar
    Please be safe sister dliz. Praying for our country. God bless us all.
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  6. Sarah_D's Avatar
    Praying for all your safety, protection and provision.
    Take care over there, in Christ.
    GOD Bless you all and protect you by the power of HIS Name.
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  7. PreciousMe's Avatar
    I was in our office when it happened, i thought it won't gonna stop. I was just under my table and prayed in tongues. It was traumatic but God is still good, it was a holiday I just can't imagine if id be a regular working/school day. Lives were spared.
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