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God-- my life is yours, that I may have life abundantly

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by , 1 Week Ago at 04:33 AM (78 Views)

flatline braindamage solitude poverty pathetic disgusting existence i am languishing in hobbling along blindly. Christ only You are the Answer.
left holed up inside the isolated darkness inhaling this toxic miasma i die slowly statuesque numb with no verve no vibe no life no purpose
please tell me the world isnt governed by chance. I want my life to be part of your plan. I need a plan from you God. I have none of my own. I wish to follow u.
heal this pernicious damage that blackens my spirit depraves me beats me down saps me dry i feel braindamaged and pointless mother is sick to death of me i feel like garbage i look like garbage i feel destined to permanent solitude i fear being homeless i am pathetic Lord cleanse me LET THERE BE LIGHT break the laws of reality flood me with your spirit awesome Almighty i humble myself i am prostrate hemorrhaging half-dead murdered from within depression loneliness unemployment devour me im rotting O Lord please send me your Hope godwink whisper to me signal me tell me the universe isnt blind randomness and chance may I have life abundantly? am i unlovable garbage? do i have a purpose? what is yours for me? I AM READY TO TAKE UP THE TORCH LEAD ME WHEREVER YOU WILL LORD. Guide me out of the smothering insufferable darkness

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  1. AuntieAnt's Avatar
    Circumstances (cares of this world) can blind us to the miraculous. You have no more condemnation in Christ! Do you realize what a miracle that is?! Because of Whose you are, Who you belong to, all that Father God has is yours. You are a a co-heir with Christ, a saint who is perfect in the Father's sight. You have entrance to the royal Kingdom, nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus. NOTHING! Not even your temporary feelings.

    Yes, circumstances in this world can always be better. Nevertheless, we walk by the faith of Christ Jesus and are citizens of heaven, of the eternal spiritual realm now! Strengthen your mind with the Truth that there is no more precious treasure to God than you. We are loved individually as well as collectively. Nobody can take your place in God's eyes. He yearns for you to rejoice in Him as He rejoices over you!

    Rejoice in the Lord, young brother! God is a faithful, merciful, loving Father!! \/

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  2. Sherril's Avatar
    As Born-again Christians dear one when we look to Jesus knowing who we are in Christ seeing how God sees us we are transformed, our focus is on Him...He lifts us out of the miry clay...He puts our feet on solid ground...I pray your heart is submitted, surrendered, to where God has 1st place in your heart...I have found in life as God has 1st place in my life and heart...Abba my God can do His will in me and through me...look to Jesus dear one He is near...draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh...close to you...let not your heart be troubled neither let it be in the Lord and the Power of His might...Love in Christ Sherril....
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