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needing chatters in the lounge.

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by , October 7th, 2017 at 09:51 PM (158 Views)
we need chatters in the lounge because everytime ive been in there its been dead.what i mean is no one is chatting in there and we desperately need people chatting in there soo im begging and pleading with everyone,please,come to the lounge and chat and lets get the lounge room built back up and keep it active.please all.can we do that?please?im asking you all as a christian brother to please come in the lounge and chat.dude2017.

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  1. SweetmorningDew78's Avatar
    Hey ! Dude I am very busy nowadays yayy but I'll come soon. I appreciate your effort to ask people to come together ❤

    God bless you and see you there soon!
  2. Ugly's Avatar
    Firstly most forum users dislike the chat rooms, that's why they aren't in there already. Typically the chats are viewed as clique ran, inane and mindless. Often ignoring many. And being so mic/vid focused that those not wishing to use either are stuck on the outs. Add to that a huge loss in the ability to PM people, because they haven't paid, means those who are not interested in the room get few options to chat with people in PM.
    Second, posting in blogs is 90% useless.
    Lastly the chats are like anything else. Normal ebb and flow of things. It has times where it's frequently dead and times when it's busy often. But even the forums have been slowing down the past few years. Or so it feels.

    I'm finding the recent, frequent, flash issues a deterrent. It seems at least once a month the chats won't work for me. Granted it may not be Robo's fault, it is still, nonetheless, a deterrent.
    Usually I find going in boring and even annoying. Not to mention usually fruitless. It's become very difficult to meet people if you don't like to chat in the main room. Or get ignored.
  3. tourist's Avatar
    The more in-depth and meaninful conversations take place in the forums. Only thing you will find in the chat rooms is meaningless snippets of babble and nonsense. I agree with Ugly about the blogs, speaking for myself I rarely read a blog as I prefer a more interactive form of conversation found in the various forum threads.
  4. OldSouledHippie's Avatar
    We're usually in the YouSing room or Prayer room nowadays. Mostly YouSing.