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Maintain Your Joy

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by , March 14th, 2017 at 02:03 AM (280 Views)
We all have problems thatcan rob us of a measure of happiness. Yet, we may be able to docertain things that help us to retain our joy through difficulttimes. Consider what the Bible says.
Do not let anxietiesover tomorrow weigh you down today. Jesus Christ said: “Do notworry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. Thereis no need to add to the troubles each day brings.”—Matthew 6:34,GoodNews Translation.
Try to focus on thegood things that have happened to you. In fact, when you feel down,why not make a list of those good things and reflect on them? Also,do not dwell on past mistakes or bad deeds. Learn from them, and moveon. Be like a driver who glancesinto his rearview mirror but does not focuson it. Keep in mind, too, that “there is the true forgiveness with[God].”—Psalm 130:4.
When anxieties weighyou down, confide in someone who may be able to cheer you up.“Anxious care” causes our heart “to bow down, but thegood wordis what makes it rejoice,” says Proverbs 12:25. That “good word”may come from a family member or a trusted friend—someone who isnot cynical or pessimistic but “is loving all the time.”—Proverbs17:17.
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  1. ChetMorton's Avatar
    I really appreciate this blog entry, as this is one of the very things I was seeking when God led me to CC. The environment that I work in every day is not very Christian oriented and I let a lot of things bother me and get me down, and I do tend to be a worry wart. But just reading this helps me to get a grasp on my emotions and be thankful that God is aware of my situation and is guiding me and giving me strength. Thank you Exodus1 for your words of wisdom.