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by , January 18th, 2018 at 06:05 AM (124 Views)
She looked at her partner angrily. They had been together for Twenty years, yet this was the worst thing she had heard him say. How could he even suggest such a thing? She knew he was evil, but she had never thought he would suggest such a thing.
“Kill him Kitan” he said again. “After all he was the one that took away your childhood and treated your mother like thrash.” Angel watched Kitan’s face change as she began to reminisce on all the evil things her father did to her and her mother. She knew Kitan was listening. Kitan’s father was lying helplessly on the floor, as kitan held the knife to him.
Angel knew that she had to be more strategic in her approach to convince Kitan otherwise.
“Yes…. You are doing the right thing” her partner said. He had a wicked grin on his face. He knew his words were getting to kitan. He whispered memories of all the evil her father had done to her. She raised the knife to strike and angel knew she had to act fast.
“Ephesians 6: 1-2” she reminded Kitan. “Honoring your parents is the first covenant with a promise.” Kitan had learnt this in the small church where she had given her life to Christ and leave her past behind.
“But this is an opportunity you have to destroy the man that ruined your life” Angel’s partner said.
“Remember you have a new life in Christ” Angel countered immediately. “Don’t let hatred and revenge consume you.” Her partner looked at her angrily as Kitan lowered the knife.
“He is the reason your mother committed suicide.” The dark side of Kitan’s mind screamed.
The darkness and hatred was almost overwhelming in KItan’s mind. Angel felt like she was being choked. She really wished she could get rid of him, but that was impossible at least not until Kitan’s death. She just whispered some words to Kitan and all of a sudden the darkness was covered by the light….. Kitan dropped the Knife and said three words…
“I forgive you.”

One of my short stories from
hope it blessed you.

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  1. blue_ladybug's Avatar
    It's against the rules here to post self-advertisement links.. Your story was very...interesting, though.