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by , October 23rd, 2017 at 02:15 AM (206 Views)
We are not saved from sin, but whether we are saved from condemnation or being condemned because of our sin.. The wages of sin is death., and that is the condemnation. Man make all kinds of sin in this world for one reason and that is because they are not Holy. We come into this world separated from God because as Adam and Eve separated themselves from God, all their seed and the seed of all other mankind was separated and unholy.They did not mind the things of God, but of man. Only after Seth, did man began to call upon the name of the Lord. There were a few that was worthy to be filled with the Holy Ghost and walk with God. To walk in the flesh, and after the flesh simply means to be unholy, without the spirit of God. To walk in the spirit and not after the flesh simply means to be Holy with the spirit of God. Even though the flesh live on and is made up of sin, sin has been condemned in the flesh by Jesus Christ. It is our spirit being that is no longer under condemnation ,because we have received the spirit of Christ. We can only worship God in spirit,the spirit being in the body. The flesh can do nothing to please God. That is why scripture says ;they are dead ,yet they live. that is because they do not know or worship God.They are no different than a dead body that can do nothing at all. If we were saved from sin, we would not as believers be tempted to sin. It still exist in the world.

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