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Do We Have To Keep The Law?

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by , 2 Weeks Ago at 12:46 AM (50 Views)
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Yes, a person is made free from the curse of the law by receiving the spirit of God, thereby being made righteous in his site. The law was never abolished because if it had been, sin would have gone back into the state that it was in before the law. Imputed, where there is no law, sin is imputed. That is why Jesus did not abolish it. The only way sin was to be imputed was to believe on Jesus and receive his spirit in us.,and no longer by the powerless letter.All those that are saved, sin has been imputed. We are no longer held accountable. That is why Jesus told the woman at the well, that she knew not what she was saying. He told her that The Father seek those that will worship him in truth and in spirit. His truth, and his spirit. They were worshiping God in the flesh,because they had not his spirit in them yet. Thus still being under the curse of the law. You must have his spirit in you in order to be from under the curse of the law, .if not you still walk after the flesh,and is still under the law. He is the spiritual law,and not the lettewr law.

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