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fellow christian survivalist wanted.

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by , 4 Weeks Ago at 08:00 PM (61 Views)
We are a married christian couple living on a 40 acre property in Queensland Australia we are "survivalists" but not in the strict sense of the word. we a dream and vision of leaving a legacy for those that will be "left behind" after the rapture has taken place.

This blog is not to engage on whether a pre/mid/post rapture takes place or to get in to a debate of such an issue at all, i am set in my own beliefs concerning that matter. all born again believers will go through the first "ten days" as "preparation" before we are all called home. the first "3 days" of those ten will be in "darkness" as the "sun" shall not give her light.

That is what i believe and will not be moved or swayed to believe what others may believe. I am looking for a mature Christian male or married couple that such a vision or dream or desire God has placed upon their hearts to leave a legacy to those that will be “left behind” that he leads to this property.

There is much done here but much more needs doing especially in the way of another shed needs erecting. While other unfinished projects needs finishing. There is a caravan provided, but if the one that applies has their own caravan then that is a bonus.

This property is “NOT” connected to the main power grid, it has a “small” solar system and generator power. We are 20 minutes from the nearest “small town” as is isolated to some extent. The solar system has to be enlarged of course, so a person with skills in that area would be an advantage also. Building skills would also be of great advantage, but I can “teach” such skills in that area.

This is “a live” in situation and not just a week end warrior exercise or non 100% commitment to live in a sustainable way while being committed to leaving this place and all its “benefits” as a legacy for those that will be “left behind” after the rapture has taken place.

please seek God on this matter before you even contact me. [email protected]

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  1. mcubed's Avatar
    Well, you must believe in some kind of trib. Honestly, I don't know which trib is right. But that is great what you have done. I live in the city and have done nothing. Never have given it a thought.