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  1. Depression lies - My testimony

    by , 1 Week Ago at 02:21 AM
    I was a slave to my depression and this almost took my life. I searched for answers but found nothing. In the end God showed me a way and gave me great joy that even the people could not take away.

    Depression was a poisonous voice in my ears, whispering lies to me. You can never be happy. You do not have the power Nobody understands you. Never before has someone experienced something so bad. There is nothing worth defending. There is nothing worth living for. Without hope, terrible ...
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  2. Part of my testimony

    by , 1 Week Ago at 02:05 AM
    Desde niño fui instruido en el evangelio, mi madre me llevaba a la iglesia y fui conociendo a Dios. A los 18 años fui bautizado en agua en una iglesia pequeña cerca de donde vivía.

    En aquella congregación participada del servicio a Dios, luego cambie de congregación y tras pasar el tiempo, me aparte de Cristo y corrí tras el mundo. Cambie de residencia en otra ciudad, cada día en el diablo, yo tenía algo tan grande que aún no entendía. Un padre de familia y padres de familia ...

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  3. Resist God will give you the Victory

    by , 1 Week Ago at 03:05 AM
    Perhaps you have constantly wondered where you are going to get strength to continue, or how you will deal with that big situation that you have against, but it is enough with just a few words addressed to GOD from the bottom of your heart, so that He comes and helps you to continue, He is always attentive to what you need, you just have to ask for it, we know that the one who asks, receives and that the one who believes, everything is possible.

    That fatigue does not end with your desire ...
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