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Mark of the Beast

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by , 2 Weeks Ago at 07:10 PM (234 Views)
Most people don't realize it, but the MARK OF THE BEAST has already been issued. However it wasn't issued at the same time as the NUMBER OF THE BEAST.
The "Social Security Act" was enacted by FDR in 1935 & (39) years later the first product was scanned in 1974 containing the MARK.

The Mark is called the "Universal Products Code", or UPC. It is set up to be scanned with the "Right Hand"!

(27) years later is September 11, 2001. You may ask "What's so significant about that"?
Well, the number of years that passed from 1935, (four years before the start of the 2nd Woe) until 911 was 66 years.

There are 39 books in the Old Testament & 27 books in the New Testament!
The Jewish Mark | Social Security Number | Universal Products Code = (666).
While the Jews were being numbered by A.H., we were being numbered by F.D.R.
It's not a coincidence that Washington, D.C. is located between (Virgin)ia & (Mary)land?

The people living in Mystery Babylon are those who receive the Number & Mark.

Mark of the Beast | Social Security Number | Mystery Babylon = (592) leaving a remainder of (74). "DCLXVI" = (74) & (666).

Anomaly: Gospel = (74)

Mark of the Beast | Universal Products Code | Mystery Babylon = (604) with a remainder of (62). "DCXVI" = (62) & (616).

Anomaly: Torah = (62)

(Prophecy Nugget): Social Security Act | Social Security Number | John David Sweeney, Jr. = (666). He was "CHOSEN" to receive the first SSN. "NOT A COINCIDENCE"!
It's also not a coincidence that these three PRESIDENTS each have 23 letters in their names & were shown in the backdrop at the beginning of the movie "The Number 23"? Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Herbert Walker Bush & William Jefferson Clinton.

There are other "strange anomalies" when you connect these names together.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt | George Herbert Walker Bush | September 11, 20012 = (666).
Franklin Delano Roosevelt | William Jefferson Clinton | September 11, 2001 = (666).
George Herbert Walker Bush | William Jefferson Clinton | Skull & Bones = (666).

Mr. Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946. This date adds to "173".
He was born a Leo & he is a Mason.
William Jefferson Blythe III + August 19, 1946 + Leo + Mason + Here is Wisdom = (666).

William Jefferson Clinton = (264) = Universal Products Code = Internal Revenue Service.
William Jefferson Blythe III = (252) = Social Security Number.

William Jefferson Clinton + William Jefferson Blythe III + American Citizen = (666).
William Jefferson Blythe III + Hillary Diane Rodham + Chelsea Victoria Clinton = (666).

Adolf Hitler & The Third Reich | Holy Roman Catholic Church | Judas Iscariot = (666)

When John says nobody can buy or sell without the mark, the name of the beast, or "the number of his name", he wasn't referring to the number 666... he was referring to the SSN. It is the number of FDR... the president who issued it!

The Devil's Mark | Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Social Security Number = (666).

"Anyone posting to my blog, or through a PM trying to convince me that I'm wrong, is equivalent to the Sanhedrin trying to convince Jesus Christ he's not the Son of God!

You give me a calculation that includes a persons name that issues the Veri-Chip when added to the phrase "Here is Wisdom", and it adds to the number 666, and I'll believe the BS that's coming out of your deceiving mouth?!

"The Truth Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"!
- Truthseeker, P.I.

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Forbidden History


  1. AngelWings87's Avatar
    There is no way around this! It's a perfect connection.
  2. Zmouth's Avatar
    So if I have a social security number does that mean I have the devil's mark?
  3. Ahwatukee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AngelWings87
    There is no way around this! It's a perfect connection.
    If it's a perfect connection, where then is the mark, that without it, no one would be ablle to buy or sell? If this happened back in the 40's then we should see that mark and anyone that doesn't have it shouldn't be able to buy or sell. So where is the mark and when did this happen? Not so perfect a connection now, is it?

    Sorry, but all that he wrote is false. Nothing that he wrote matches scripture. These are going to be literal events of wrath, not symbolic events. There is so much wrong that I don't even know where to start. As I said, the 1st seal has not even been opened, much less any of the trumpets, which follow. I'm guessing you didn't even read what I wrote about the seals, trumpets and bowl judgments?

    But of course you are free to believe his interpretation of those events if you desire. But if you want to know the truth regarding those events, then just click on that link that I provided.
    Updated 2 Weeks Ago at 03:27 AM by Ahwatukee
  4. Ahwatukee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AngelWings87
    There is no way around this! It's a perfect connection.
    If you are interested in really seeing the technology for prophecy of the coming mark of the beast, watch these videos. Eventually, I'm sure that the RFID chip will evolve into another device more applicable, but will remain on the hand or forehead. The mark in the forehead may be used for those who have no upper limbs or could be a greater show of devotion to the beast. But currently, we don't know the reason why the forehead.

    Swedish office staff offered implants to access facilities - BBC News

    Company to install microchips in employees
  5. IXApollyonXI's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zmouth
    So if I have a social security number does that mean I have the devil's mark?
    Yes. His mark & number. The mark of the beast is the UPC "tattooed" on the products. The mark of the beast is "in your right hand" when scanning the product.