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Signs of the Endtimes

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In the last 2,000 years (the church age) we have witnessed the fulfillment of every prophecy except the 2nd Coming of Christ (at the battle of Armageddon), including 911© 2001 A.D... the rapture of the Church!

In the first 1,000 years Christ was crucified in 32 A.D., the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., and Peter founded the church.

Anomaly: George Washington + Napoleon Bonaparte + Adolf Hitler + Abraham Lincoln + Mason = (666).

All 4 leaders mentioned above were involved in war.

In Revelation Ch.6 when the 1st Seal is broken a rider on a "White Horse" rides forth conquering and to conquer. I believe this rider to be none other than "George Washington". He is depicted riding a white horse in most portraits of himself? The 1st Seal also represents the founding of the 2nd beast "America". This nation will use "Population Control" which will be proven with the opening of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Seals.

• The "Red Horse" represents WAR
• The "Black Horse" represents HUNGER
• The "Pale Horse" represents DISEASE (Pestilence)

They were given control over one fourth of the earth to kill.

The "Four Horsemen" started riding since 1776. There are "Three Antichrists". "The Third Reich" started with George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, and The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler. Two of these individuals rode a (white horse), and two of these individuals had the "Spear of Destiny" in their possession.

The Antichrist + George Washington + Mason + Occult Symbol + Swastika = (666).

Footnote: General = (62) = Mason
Fact: George Washington was a General.

The Antichrist Prince | Napoleon Bonaparte | Occult Symbol | Swastika = (666).

Franklin Delano Roosevelt | The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler | The Third Reich = (666).

George Washington | Napoleon Bonaparte | Adolf Hitler | The Third Reich | Nazi = (666).

The 5th Seal is the saints being told to rest a little season until the rest of their brethren are killed as they were. Then their blood being spilled would be avenged.
When the 6th Seal is broken there was a "great eartquake, the sun turned as dark as sackcloth of hair, and the moon turned to blood". These signs happened in George Washhington's lifetime. The Lisbon Earthquake happened on November 01, 1755. This date adds to the same number (167) as the begining date of the "American Revolution", April 19, 1775.

Footnote: Could the earthquake have been an OMEN of the war to come?

The 2nd sign took place during the American Revolution on May 19, 1780. It was called "The Dark Day". Joel 2:31 KJV

The 3rd sign took place on November 13, 1833 when "the stars fell from heaven". It was a meteor shower caused by "Comet Tempel-Tuttle", These & other events take place with the 1st Four Trumpets prior & leading up to the 3 Woes!

Revelation Ch.7 talks about the 144,000 Jews & the innumerable amount of Gentiles coming out of the great tribulation (redeemed from the earth)... the "first fruits".

Anomaly: Comet Tempel-Tuttle = (225) = The Great Tribulation

The reason Adolf Hitler (Apollyon) is mentioned in the 1st Woe is because, he was in both WWI & WWII. When one of the 7 heads are wounded, the verse is not making reference to a human, but a nation! Germany was destroyed during WWI(1st Woe). When WWII(2nd Woe) started the german people were dumfounded at the reappearance of Hitler & the deadly wound that Germany recieved during the 1st Woe, so they worshipped the 1st beast, the U.K., the H.R.C.C., and Adolf Hitler!

The Jews were protected from The Antichrist: Adolf Hitler for the 1st 1260 days of "The Great Tribulation". September 01, 1939 - March 01, 1943 is exactly 1260 days. Hitler started transporting them from the Jewish Ghettos to the concentration camps for the "Final Solution" to be executed.

Anomaly: Hidden Prophecies in the Great Seal | Mason | Final Solution | The Third Reich = (666).

• February 22, 1732 = (167) G. Washington's DOB
• November 01, 1755 = (167) Great Lisbon Earthquake
• April 19, 1775 = (167) Start of Revolutionary War
• July 04, 1776 = (165) America's DOB
Total = (666)

There is a 225 year difference in the Hebrew calendar & the Gregorian calendar. The Hebrew year for 2001 A.D. is "5776". The year 3775 B.C. plus 5775 years = 2001 A.D.
The year 4000 B.C. plus 5775 years = 1776 A.D.

- Truthseeker, P.I.

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