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Holiness Is Not Legalism

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by , September 18th, 2016 at 02:04 PM (364 Views)
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Does not everyone see and learn from Jesus Christ how the law is to be regarded? He explains all. His example shows us exactly how the law is to be regarded.

No one is saved by anything but the grace of God by the Blood of HIs Holy Lamb, but this is no excuse to ignore the Teacher and what He has taught us all.

Everyone who claims grace only without responsibility of thanksgiving is not understanding Jesus ast all, let alone regarding His example.

They will say He obeyed the law perfectly yet He argued the adultresses case and wond clemency from a multitude of witnesses who wouldhave stoned her to death according to the law. Did Jesus break the la?

There are other instances of Jesus apparently breaking the law,, but He was perfect. HOw is this so?

Did He not tell the hypocrites that they , claiming to sit on the seat of Moses, overlook the important points of the law?

And what are thsese points? Faith, mercy and Justice are to be applied when using the law lawfully, and what dos this tell you?

We are free to show mercy to any and all, taking the sting out of the law, death, for whom we forgive here will be forgiven in the Kingdom. Read the Word according ot our Savior and learn of HIm as He invites all to do, for we shall be taught of God.

I know I must forgive all no matter what if I wish to have jsutice, I must show it in mercy and forgiveness in faith of God's Word, Jesus Christ.

Anhyone saved by the Lamb of god who is grateful for His gift will determine to spend his time in thanksgiven for eternal life free. This includes knowing what Jesus teaches and how to follow His example, that is being obedient to God unto death. This is by no means earning anything, it is simply living a life that demonstrates thanksgiving and praise of Jesus Christ.

If anyone thinks grace is license to deliberatley disobey God, he has never known Jesus Christ..

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