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the lie that Jesus ministry was law

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by , October 23rd, 2016 at 11:38 AM (420 Views)
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Jesus Christ taught the law lawfully. It is inseperable from grace.

He taught the Jews that mercy must be included when dealing with the law.

He teaches we are taught an eye for an ey and a tooth for a tooth, but this should not be so. He teaches in mercy an dlove we turn the other cheek.

He teaches we are NOT to hate our enemy but love our enemy.

He argued clemency from the law for the woman caught in the act of adultery with many witnesses.

He teaches to some who are using the law hypocritically with rabbinical teaching rather tan applying the three most importan points of the law, faith, justice and mercy. Applying mercy alone is enought to shatter those laws which seem, maybe are totally cruel.

As for being enslaved to merciless law, He declared He desires mercy and not sacrifice..

If we are truly followers of Jesus Christ we will also be as He in that He came to forgive and not to condemn.

When the term, children of obedience , is used in Ephesians, it does not refer to the senseless laws but to all the laws that are moral and just, and with faith in our Master, I know the Holy Spirit guides those who truly are saved and belive Jesus Christ in obeying the law lawfully, for they all have the gift of love and would never even consider being untoward with others or with our Father because of His perfect Gift to all mankind who will accept It, Jesus Christ's Blood cleansing all of the guilt of transgressions.

People may twist Pau's epistlses all they want, but this is not love, and it is not merciful. It is also calling Paul a liar, and wors, Jesus Christ a liar.

No child of the Most High God will ever say once saved we are in grace and we owe nothing to God. We owe oursleves to God more than ever, and we should make ourselves available to Him for at least the miniimum of holy works He provides for all.

Don't get excited when works are mention, works are not being Jesus, Himself, or one of the Twelve. Works are as simply as a good prayer life. Helping the needy whenever possible. Sharing the joy of Jesus Christ with fellow believers,. Praising God, and so much more that allo do quite naturally with their newly acquired nature but do not say we ae to sit on our hands once save, for all who are truly save will do works.

No owrks of mere flesh will ever save a soul, but gratitude will produce works through the Holy Spirit.

The above is from the teaching of Jesus Christ. Paul teaches the same, so do ot pit Paul agains our Savior, his Saavior for that is not works of God.

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