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the law of moses......and the Gospel of Gods Kingdom

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by , May 27th, 2017 at 03:48 AM (240 Views)
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The Laws of Moses. actually, Moses authored no laws whatsoever. These laws were written down by him.

The laws regarding Sacrifice for sin Fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Any other sacrifice for propitiation of our sin would be blasphemy, unacceptable.

The laws regarding the priesthood: fulfilled by Jesus Christ in making us all priests to the Most High God with Jesus Christ as the One and Only High Priest.

The Laws regarding the Temple; fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the Head and the Corner Stone with us as the living stones of the Temple. Together, we are the Temple with the Holy Spirit residing in all.

Laws regarding clean and unclean foods.; fulfilled by the teachin gof Jesus christ and His disciples.

Laws regarding gpunishment for infringing any of the laws (sin): fulfilled by Jesus christ having been accepted by the individual as propitiation for sin. The guilt of our transgressions is not held against us for the sake of the Blood of the Lamb of God. This is no excuse to sin intentio9nally.

Law regarding punishment; are covered by mercy, as our Lord teaches in His sermon saying no more eye for aneye rather turn the other cheek.
laws condering morality and good conduct in general is and always will be in force until Jesus christ returns. Otherwise how could there still remain the capaability to sin if there is no law broken?

Jesus teaches the hypocrites that they did notot apply the most important points of the law, faith, merc y and justice. If we apply these pints, and above all, look to the
Example that is Jesus, we will understand oll of the laws of Mose naturally, according to the new nature we have received of the Holy Spirit. After all, the law has been inscribed in our inward parts, upon our hearts.

Anyhone having a problem with the above is sstill under the law, for they believe the law is still as it was before the teaching of Jesus christ, and this is a real pity.

God bless all who are truly in Jesus Christ, and all who will be, amen.

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