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  1. 2016 A Year Without Spending

    by , January 1st, 2016 at 09:26 PM
    I am a spender....At least I was.... I buy stuff and I have a lot of stuff and I don't need so much stuff...

    My husband who is not so new now since we have been married a year in November has a saying that he says that.... He travels light..... meaning he doesn't have so much stuff. During the year we have been married I have bought him stuff because he doesn'

    O.K. it would be funny but it is really not as I have now been officially laid off from my job since June ...

    by , February 14th, 2015 at 09:33 AM
    God never intended that humans should die. He created Adam and Eve perfect and placed them in a climate controlled garden with everything they needed to survive. God even came and walked and talked with them in the garden celebrating the very first Sabbath with them the day after He created them.

    God wanted humans to share their lives with Him and to be well and happy. Then we messed up and enters death. They felt shame and hid from God and as was God's custom He entered the garden ...

    by , December 23rd, 2014 at 03:44 PM
    Do you ever feel like you are Second Best. Like you weren't the first choice but that you were a good alternate? Like you weren't the First Choice but the better choice at the moment?

    Feel like things are more important than you are. That something is loved more than you are? Sometimes I get tired of being Second Best and wishing I could have been the First Choice. But then our life is here on this wicked earth and there are so many things that are First Choice and best we can ...
  4. When Humans Disappoint You

    by , August 19th, 2014 at 01:35 AM
    Why is it that we want to believe what people say, but we find out that what they were saying they didn't really mean it? Do they themselves believe what they are saying? Is that how they are so convincing?

    It hurts when you put yourself out there and trust that what is being said is the real thing and then you find out maybe not so. How do you again trust someone when others before have not been totally truthful?

    You really want to believe what is being said, but your ...

    by , July 27th, 2014 at 07:04 PM
    O.K. this new rant is about eating healthy. The last time I went to see my Doctor I was told to go and see another Doctor and be put on insulin.

    Confessions of a glutton - me - For too many years I didn't care and did not take care of my body properly and I am now paying the price.....being obese is the least of it, battling type 2 diabetes, on more medication than I want to pay for and the biggest issue is my sin is in plain sight for everyone to see. I have ruined this temple ...
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