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by , July 27th, 2014 at 08:04 PM (4072 Views)
O.K. this new rant is about eating healthy. The last time I went to see my Doctor I was told to go and see another Doctor and be put on insulin.

Confessions of a glutton - me - For too many years I didn't care and did not take care of my body properly and I am now paying the price.....being obese is the least of it, battling type 2 diabetes, on more medication than I want to pay for and the biggest issue is my sin is in plain sight for everyone to see. I have ruined this temple that belongs to God for His Holy Spirit to dwell in and have ignored this problem far too long.

Well NO MORE....I am 59 years old and it is time to put on my Big Girl Pants (pun intended) and Grow Up. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago when I was having an issue with my cousin - what I did with that situation was pray to God and I gave my cousin and the problem to God and said I quit I need you to take care of this for me. Guess what God Fixed It and within three weeks of the prayer the situation with my cousin and I is fixed.

So I said to myself - self it worked with your cousin why don't you do the same thing for you with this gluttony problem and give it to God. So I prayed and I gave myself to God and told Him I have a problem that I needed help with could He please help me fix it. I want my body to be healthy, I want to loose belly fat, I want to get off some of this medication and I had failed before and needed His help.

Not long after that prayer a friend from church approached me and said she did not know why but that my name had come to her that morning and she felt she should help me. Her job is a physical therapist but she has been wanting to coach people in a healthier life style. So we have gotten together a few times and she is helping direct in dietary areas. Isn't God great in putting us together?

I am on a detox week with supplements, water, fruit and vegetables, Oh Joy, so I am going to post this week about my journey, not that anyone else really cares, but this is an emotional outlet for me to vent, complain or whatever...

My heart is in the right place I just hope my head will follow. My true and real desire is to be the best witness I can be for my Heavenly Father and with His help undo the years of abuse I have done to my body. To truly be healthy and the daughter God intended for me to be.

So sit back, hang on for detox week......I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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  1. PennEd's Avatar
    Fantastic that you refuse to give up! Obviously if you think being overweight and eating foods that aren't particularly good for you is a sin then it is.

    But I wouldn't categorize gluttony in that way. I have seen very thin people eat more food in a single setting then I could in 2 days.( I know, those people are to be hated! lol)

    I'd be willing to wager you are not consuming vast quantities of food while seeing your neighbor go hungry. That would be my definition of gluttony. MOST Americans are overweight and MANY Christians as well, and they should get healthy.

    But try not to be so hard on yourself. God has already given you the power to achieve your goals. Just access that power. Be Blessed.
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