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by , July 27th, 2014 at 07:04 PM (4308 Views)
O.K. this new rant is about eating healthy. The last time I went to see my Doctor I was told to go and see another Doctor and be put on insulin.

Confessions of a glutton - me - For too many years I didn't care and did not take care of my body properly and I am now paying the price.....being obese is the least of it, battling type 2 diabetes, on more medication than I want to pay for and the biggest issue is my sin is in plain sight for everyone to see. I have ruined this temple that belongs to God for His Holy Spirit to dwell in and have ignored this problem far too long.

Well NO MORE....I am 59 years old and it is time to put on my Big Girl Pants (pun intended) and Grow Up. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago when I was having an issue with my cousin - what I did with that situation was pray to God and I gave my cousin and the problem to God and said I quit I need you to take care of this for me. Guess what God Fixed It and within three weeks of the prayer the situation with my cousin and I is fixed.

So I said to myself - self it worked with your cousin why don't you do the same thing for you with this gluttony problem and give it to God. So I prayed and I gave myself to God and told Him I have a problem that I needed help with could He please help me fix it. I want my body to be healthy, I want to loose belly fat, I want to get off some of this medication and I had failed before and needed His help.

Not long after that prayer a friend from church approached me and said she did not know why but that my name had come to her that morning and she felt she should help me. Her job is a physical therapist but she has been wanting to coach people in a healthier life style. So we have gotten together a few times and she is helping direct in dietary areas. Isn't God great in putting us together?

I am on a detox week with supplements, water, fruit and vegetables, Oh Joy, so I am going to post this week about my journey, not that anyone else really cares, but this is an emotional outlet for me to vent, complain or whatever...

My heart is in the right place I just hope my head will follow. My true and real desire is to be the best witness I can be for my Heavenly Father and with His help undo the years of abuse I have done to my body. To truly be healthy and the daughter God intended for me to be.

So sit back, hang on for detox week......I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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  1. JesusLives's Avatar
    Wheeeee Day one of detox week. Yummy warm water with 1/2 of a lemon - squeeze juice mix in warm water and drink. Take two supplement tablets with water. Mix rounded scoop of fiber guessed it in cold water drink. Mix Isotonix supplements of calcium, multivitamins, b complex, and ocp3 in water and drink....we're really cooking now and don't forget to take the core tablets wait 30 minuets then eat breakfast.

    Anyone else feel water logged besides me? Tick, tock, tick, tock...

    Yeah banana and strawberries....o.k. not so bad.

    20 minuets later I'm hungry.....not a problem a hand full of raw carrots and a few cherry tomatoes.

    Is detox week over yet?
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  2. JesusLives's Avatar
    Managed to make it through day one and now on to day 2 only 6 days left of detox week are we having fun yet?

    Same routine as yesterday morning with all the water and supplements. I just keep thinking it is going to be o.k. this is a new way of eating and a new way of thinking about food which has up till now been a big part of my life. I like it (food) and have eaten too much of it for too long. This change is a good one and it will help my body function better.

    God loves me just the way I am but too much to let me stay this way. We are working on this problem inside out....Are we there yet?

    Isn't it amazing how patient God is with us and how we at least I seem to try and fight Him each step of the way. I am praying and oh so trying to let Him lead me by the hand and help me through this process. There is a new healthier me waiting to emerge.
  3. JesusLives's Avatar
    Day 2 was not horrible, however, when the thought of a piece of bread or some baked beans entered my head.....why is it that when we restrict ourselves and someone says you can't do something that is exactly what you want to do?

    Don't get me wrong it is not going to kill me to just eat fruits and vegetables for one week and my body will probably be so happy for the break I mean really up until about the end of May when the Doctor said I should go on insulin I was treating my body terribly.

    Candy or sugar of any kind when ever I wanted it the phrase nobody can eat just one potato chip was most certainly part of my motto. Only it wasn't just one potato chip try the whole bag....Remember I started this blog with confessions of a glutton. Why am I baring my soul and telling on myself? Do you think I enjoy humiliating myself like this? No not at all, but if there is someone else on this site that is struggling with these issues I am blogging about - I feel, know and understand the pain you are going through.

    I know God wants me to be happy, healthy and live an abundant life, and I in return do desire with all my heart to serve our wonderful God to the best of my ability. So if there is anyone else out there who would like to pray for God to help heal you from this sin of gluttony I invite you to join me on this journey.. It's not a fun one, but I know God will be with me and you all the way if you want to make this change in your life. We can all do it together.
  4. JesusLives's Avatar
    Day 3 - All I can think of is tomorrow at noon I will be half way done with detox week!!! I really do like fruit and vegetables, but.....I want bread and potatoes and corn and beans and pasta....not all at once mind you, but again when I am restricted I want what I can't have.

    On a good note though I made a nice vegetable soup with several of the vegetables I am allowed to have and it was pretty good. I put very little salt in it so I was able to really taste the different vegetables and my heart thanks me for the low salt.

    Of course I did not forget to waterlog myself this morning with all the detox routine of guys get the picture see post #2 if you are a newbie to this blog.

    I really don't feel as sluggish as I have in past summers and in the Florida heat and humidity at times it has been hard for me to breath, but I am breathing o.k. and I am really glad about that.

    I feel lighter even though I am still as big as a water buffalo - there is a skinny person in me just crying to get out and I am working on that issue, but it is going to take some time. I did not get this way overnight and it won't be an overnight fix.

    I am thankful that God is with me on this get healthier journey and to tell you the truth it is what keeps me going each morning when I am faced with the waterlog portion of my day. Lets just say that if I had carpet instead of tile there would be a path worn into it from my trips to the bathroom and we will leave it at that.

    Some of my friends here on CC know that I just recently had to put the family cat to sleep from an illness he had and grief and hunger are not good combinations, but God has helped me in both areas and I love His promise and low I am with you always even till the end of the world.....Thank you God for being with me it really helps knowing you are here.
  5. JesusLives's Avatar
    Day 4 - I can't tell you how happy I am that this is the half way mark....Just three days to go now...I can do it, I can do it.....

    I have been thinking things like - cornbread, hummus, peanut butter, corn, chick peas, chicken, tuna, eggs and none of those are bad things, but this week does not allow me to have grains, starches or protein.

    I have come up with some interesting combinations of vegetables, I have eaten some of them right out of a can. I got green beans with no salt added in a can - all I got to say on that was Big Mistake so bad.

    I am eating some cantaloupe and it is so sweet and good sometimes they aren't ripe enough and don't taste too good but I am so thankful that this one is perfect.

    God certainly has helped me going through this detox week so far, but I sure do look forward to Sunday when I can add the food items that have been restricted....I won't be in a rush to do another detox week anytime soon, but this life style change I am making with God's help this program recommends doing detox at least twice a year. Maybe 11 months from now I'll torture myself
  6. JesusLives's Avatar
    Day 5 - I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this detox week. The challenge of the day was eating out lunch with my daughter. We went to a vegetarian restaurant which helped in keeping in vegetables. But it is amazing that even in such an eatery the oil and cheese and items used in their offerings on the menu.

    They did have a vegetable juice drink that was o.k., however, I would only drink it on a detox week. I managed to get a salad with sundried tomatoes, olives and field greens. Plus a portabella mushroom with more greens, and red onions, but I had to ask them to hold the feta cheese.

    I do seem to have more energy and don't feel as sluggish as I sometimes can feel, so this week has done me some good. Two days left and I will be glad when they are over, I see sandwiches, protein and some starch in my near future. Yeah.....
  7. JesusLives's Avatar
    Day 6 - This was the hardest day so far in this detox week.

    They are having back to school tax free days Aug 1-3 here in Florida and I wanted to get a new laptop with a printer and other items that would be tax free so between the stress of getting and trying to set up a new computer and being hungry it has just been a rough day. The best part of the purchase was getting the Geek Squad tech support...I used it so fast in help with the set up. I will get the hang of the new laptop - things will be better next week when I don't have to be so restricted in my diet.

    I had a great dinner with edamame, asparagus, and stir fry vegies and in a little while I will have some really good cantaloupe. ONE MORE DAY of detox.....Happy Sabbath to those who observe it - Thank you God for a special day of rest and thank You for helping me get through this week, help me be the best I can be for You.
  8. JesusLives's Avatar
    Day 7 - Happy, happy, joy, joy......The final day of detox!!!! I would like to say I made it, the day started out o.k. Had a nice fruit bowl of strawberries, banana and peach for breakfast. I nice spinach, mushroom, tomato, water chestnut soup and edamame for lunch.

    I had had it by dinner I made my salad with olives, tomatoes, edamame, instead of lemon juice I cheated and used ceasar dressing not a lot but I was not suppose to do any fats or oil other than olives for the week. But the glutton came out in me and I added cheese balls the snack kind not the dairy kind... I am showing my human do it my way side. But the good news is that I did detox the right way for 6 and 3/4th days.

    Mental note to self - compromise is not a good thing - sin - is not a good thing to be on track for most of the time and then throw in a sin now and them... Lord please help me to turn to you and not rebel and want to do things my own way. Please be with me as we start again tomorrow with better food choices and thanks for helping me get through the majority of detox week. I really do feel better, except for the guilt of this last meal. Please continue to work with me and help me to overcome this issue and Lord I am throwing away the rest of the bag of cheese balls so I won't be tempted to eat the rest of them.. I need your strength to turn away from sin and not run to it. Thanks for hearing my prayer in Jesus name amen...

    The sound you don't hear is me tossing the cheese balls in the trash.....Does anyone out there know and feel my pain of this issue?

    The best part about today other than being the Sabbath was I tested my blood sugar before the cheese ball intake it was 96 which I can't remember the last time I saw it under 100+ and before detox week I was seeing a lot of 160, 140 so I know if I pay attention to what I am eating my blood sugar will come down. I just have to remember my goal, loose belly fat, eat healthier, and get off medication. Remember you won't do that eating cheese balls. I promise you all they are now in the trash.

    Tomorrow is another day and a clean slate and God is on my side.
  9. JesusLives's Avatar

    It was so nice to be able to get up and eat oatmeal with blueberries and cashew nuts with cinnamon. Yum

    Then there is a shake that helps with blood sugar levels I used ice to make it like a real milkshake chocolate with a banana - yum.

    Then a real meal with chicken, baked potato, cole slaw and a piece of cornbread. Yum

    It is so nice to eat real food again...
  10. JesusLives's Avatar
    I need to ban Lay's from my life.....11pm last night a new flavor of potato chip was calling my name. Bacon Mac N Cheese....really? Yep, the bag managed to get open and I indulged and ate some, then the Jalapeno bag got open and I ate some of those too. I don't know if it is because I felt so restricted last week or if I am trying to comfort myself because the cat died not too long ago?

    Why is it I loose self control so easily? Food issues for fat people are not easy ones and then when you love certain things like potato chips and they are so easy to get and eat no work just open the bag and munch away... Then be upset with myself for staying fat - oh the vicious cycle...

    No, I did not eat two bags of potato chips last night there are still more than enough of them in each bag. There is nothing wrong with potato chips - I just have a defective elbow it keeps bending and putting them in my mouth, or maybe would that be I have a defective brain that keeps telling myself it is o.k. to bend that elbow.

    Sin is such a sneaky snake, why does it always seem appealing, but then it destroys you, mentally and physically? I know I don't have all the answers, but God does.

    Father I am sure glad it is a new day and so far a clean slate, I have and do ask your forgiveness for my wanting to do things my way and having my own way, help me to submit to Your way today and have a healthier day. I have dusted myself off and am willing to go again, please help me to walk away from the chips. Thanks so much for helping me. In Jesus name amen.
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  11. tourist's Avatar
    This entire ordeal of yours was an absolute pleasure to read and it also made me very hungry. Now, about the cantaloupe, while I do not care for this type of melon I do love watermelon. It is red inside. We are in agreement about the Lay's potato chips as nobody can eat just one. God help us!

    I love cherry tomatoes. The are red too and that is a romantic type of color. What is wrong with me? Perhaps I need to be detoxified also. Maybe I am suffering heat stroke from the relentless Florida sun.

    You have dusted yourself off
    My life is a shambles and I need to dust myself off as well. I am sure that your story will be an inspiration to others. I admire your bravery and determination to allow the power of God to work in your life. I need to gather up my courage too. Time to eat.
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  12. JesusLives's Avatar

    Another day - with better food choices for the most part - all potato chips are gone and out of the house again.... Please stop making new chip flavors you make me want to try you and I like you but you don't like me as you plaster pounds all over me and since I am over 40....50 near 60 I don't loose weight like I could when I was younger.

    Why does it feel like if I even look at food or smell it - it just layers the pounds on me? At any rate I had a really nice salad with some tuna and left over small portion of eggplant parmesean for lunch today and it was very good..

    I'd like to point out that I am really not obese I am just too short, forget the fact I'd have to be 12 feet tall to carry off the weight that I am carrying....oh well it was just a thought.
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  13. tourist's Avatar
    Perhaps it was food for thought. You lunch sounds great. By the way, you are an excellent writer and I have enjoyed this food adventure very much. I had some cherries last night for a little midnight snack. I was careful of the pits.
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  14. JesusLives's Avatar

    I had to stop and think about what today was this morning - 42 years ago I got married on August 6, 1972 am I really that old? At any rate I wasn't very good at it - being married that is. I had so many high hopes and I was so very young at the time 17 and I grew up while I was married. Mike and I started out on the same page but as we grew we grew apart. Well enough of old memories...

    Then I started thinking about how Mike passed away this March and then that made me start missing the cat - Baby that I just had to put down and both thoughts made me cry again - death is such a terrible thing, good news is this pity party did not make me eat and for that I am very thankful. In the past I have soothed a lot of sorrow with food, but not this time.

    I did o.k. with the food I was suppose to eat, I really need to work on getting exercise, I really hate to sweat though and I live in one of the most humid hot states - Florida. That's not an excuse though I have no excuses. I remember when I was a young girl I loved to run and jump and play and ride my bicycle it used to be fun, When and where did the fun go from getting exercise? So I am going to have to come up with something more than just walking to my mailbox which is not that far away from the house.

    Thanks Tourist for your compliment on the writing and the cherries are really good this year aren't they? I have certainly enjoyed the cherries I have had... But I'd love for those cherries to be in a Big Fat Piece of Cherry Pie warmed up with Vanilla Ice Cream...why can't I be 95 lbs? I'd love for someone to say you need to eat something... That's not gonna happen, but it's a nice thought.

    Tomorrow is another day for improved life style changing....until then...have a great night.
  15. JesusLives's Avatar

    I did quite a bit of walking today in stores - my wallet is lighter even if my body isn't. At least something got a good workout today. I did try and walk up and down isles through out the stores I visited.

    I found some healthier snacks while shopping around today. If I didn't have a month vacation planned for next summer I would go out an buy anther cat from a place that saves animals. I miss him - Baby following me around and talking to him.

    Had a dresser with a mirror and couple of night stands delivered today from a second hand store. It has an art deco look to it and they were made in Italy originally glad I didn't have to pay the original price. It's nice to have some good furniture in the second bedroom. I got a workout the last few days getting the room ready for it to arrive.

    So until tomorrow.
  16. JesusLives's Avatar

    Today was laundry day towels mostly and changed sheets on the bed. I love the smell of nice clean sheets. So I called out for Chinese Delivery my weekends worth of food. I love it when someone else does the cooking. It is really no fun to cook for one. They always seem to cook with so many vegetables and oh so yummy.

    This is so much better than detox week - real food. Another Sabbath day begins this Friday evening and I love the peace and quiet and time to reflect with God. This week will be interesting as our Pastor retired last Sabbath was his last sermon so it will be a little strange not seeing him with us any more except on a visit. He and his wife moved to High Springs I will miss him.

    Must go for now. Blessings to you all.
  17. JesusLives's Avatar

    Past few days some good and some could have been better. Last night I found myself thinking about eating something more and went to get up and go to the frig and a voice in my head said don't do it. So I just started to pray please help me Lord, please help me Lord not to do it and He did help me.

    Ate a little too much bread today and should have eaten salad instead. I am usually pretty good about not eating too much bread, but was at a restaurant that had some nice rolls with butter....well you get the idea they were really good, but I do need to learn one is enough you really don't need two. Or take the second one home for later would have been a better thing to do. But it sure did taste good...not so sure it will look so good on my hips...but oh dear they are already past my lips.

    Tomorrow another day and the page starts out clean....More salad less bread.
  18. JesusLives's Avatar

    Did much better today than I have been doing. I was out and about most all of the day and ended up doing a lot of walking which is really good for me. I was too busy to eat too much, but what I did eat there was nothing wrong with it. One step forward and in hopes I won't be taking two back anytime soon.

    I did make a nice salad with some tuna, sprouts, tomatoes, onions it was good nice and cold on a hot summer day here in Florida. I wish I could feel like this everyday that I did something right and healthy with the walking.

    Best thing about tomorrow's is that they are always a new day with a clean sheet, I pray that God continues to help me make the wise and healthy choices. More days like this and some of my goals should be met. Even turned down a Krispy Kreme donut (they are my favorite)... I look forward to my next blood test as I am sure my A1c number will have dropped.... Doctors apt is Sept 12th and order for lab is due Sept 2. Will keep you posted.
  19. JesusLives's Avatar

    Days come and days more salad. Yeah greens, but I want that Krispy Kreme donut I turned down yesterday, and a big fat slice of chocolate cake with a thick layer of icing, and what about ice cream you know it's hot and summer and can't we eat the ice cream?

    For too many years I said yes and it shows all over my body. I am learning to say no and so far it has not killed me. To give up sugar for the rest of my life is not realistic so I made a rule for it to be o.k. on holidays and birthdays. I can make a sugar treat for those times and enjoy it. The same goes for potato chips you know I have this sweet and salty crunchy thing going on.

    So I know that every time I say no it's better for me healthier and my body can have a break from sugar and junk.

    I swam yesterday and I have two days where I did quite a bit of walking so have done much better on the exercise this week so I am happy about that too. My problem is the age thing - folks I am telling you like it is once you get a little age on you the pounds don't come off as fast as it used to so anyone reading this blog if you are younger for your own sakes start eating healthier now.

    I am becoming a better me and God is by my side all the way. I just need to keep listening to His directions and follow them and Him and I will end up healthier. Must get lab work done by Sept 2 and I look forward to the doctor visit to see what the results are and will post here. My last A1C number was 8.4 which was bad and doctor wanted me to see the doctor that puts you on insulin. If I have dropped at least 1% point I am going to keep doing what I am doing, but if it is still high and over 8 I will then go and see that doctor.

    Working on a healthier me. So be gone Krispy Kreme take that!
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  20. tourist's Avatar
    I happen to love Kripy Kreme. I believe that it is a southern thing. I am a southern big city boy myself. You are doing a good job. I am out of shape myself and it does not help that I am a nicotine addict. There has to be positive change in my life as well.
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